Monday, April 30, 2012

The Point and Purpose

Hello and welcome to my blog!!! My name is Jenny I am super excited to share my journey with you!! I like to call myself a mini entrepreneur. I have four, yes four businesses, all moderately successful but I need to consolidate everything into one to be extremely successful. Plus I am a new mommy so streamlining is a must. I am a photographer, makeup artist and have a custom tutu Etsy shop as well as designing and selling jewelry. I believe that the common denominator in all that I do is fashion. So this brings me to my ultimate goal, to be a successful fashion designer with my own boutique. This boutique will predominantly have all my clothing and accessory designs but I would also like to feature an up and coming designer each month. I will be 31 in a few months so I would like to achieve my ultimate goal by the time I am 35. I know I am taking on a hefty load but sometimes you just need to hit the ground running and my motto is: "Reach for the moon because even if you miss you'll be among stars." Now I just need to take on as many classes as I can in sewing and jewelry making. I have tons of ideas but it's just a matter of learning how to execute them. As I am busy learning I am going to continue on trying to make my Etsy shops as successful as possible and save the money from them towards opening my own boutique. And I can utilize my photography and makeup skills to create some awesome photoshoots to show off what I do without having to pay someone to do it. Well, I hope you will follow me on my journey of doing everything I believe it will take to become successful in the wonderful world of fashion.

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