Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little Man Easter Fashion

I've had the pleasure of photographing several adorable little boys over the past few weeks for Easter and I could not believe the swag they possessed.  One of the shallow reasons I wanted a girl was that I always felt there was a lot more cute and trendy clothing for the little ladies but I have been proven wrong.  Check out these to die for outfits.
Aidan rocking his sunglasses and suit
Alex sporting the plaid, vest and hat
Logan & TJ are double trouble in matching perfection
 Joel is keeping warm in his pea coat with fabulous hair
Matty is showing us total preppy cuteness
I hope I eventually have a boy at some point and I hope I can dress him as well as these cuties. You can see some more adorable photos of these models on my Facebook page: Jenny O Studios. Where do you find the best little man clothing?! Please share...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Grumpy, Nasty Judges On Idol Tonight

Top 9
Boy oh boy did the judges wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or what?! Not that I disagreed with all their criticism tonight but I think they went about some of it in the wrong way. Plus they just looked cranky especially Nicki. Every time the camera panned to Nicki she had some "bleepy" look on her face. Get over yourself already! Now on to the performances.

Kree - An amazing start to the show with her amazing performance of "With A Little Help From My Friends." Fabulous song, fabulous rendition, not too much more to say except she looked beautiful as well. A definite member of tomorrow's top 3.

Burnell - Why do the judges always kiss this guy's behind?! I think he's very talented but every song sounds the same. Although I liked his R&B rendition of "Let It Be," I felt slightly underwhelmed. He also looked completely uncomfortable throughout the song. Why sing this untouchable song if you've never heard it before?

Amber - Did she sing beautifully? Yes but I was bored out of my mind while she was singing "She's Leaving Home." I fear this song choice could put her in danger tomorrow.

Lazaro - I love him but he looked completely uncomfortable during entire song. He was sweating and his eyes kept shifting. He didn't do bad but again I was bored. I think the judges were so hard on him when he was no worse than some of the others. He was visibly upset and tearing up and my heart was breaking for him. To make matters worse after the commercial break, Ryan went back to the judges and made a comment about it and they were just as nasty. Instead of trying to offer some words of encouragement they belittled him and basically told him to toughen up. Well, they accomplished one thing, ensuring his place in the top 3 tomorrow.

Candace - Her version of  "Come Together" was one of the best performances of the night. She'll be safe but whether she'll be in top 3 is yet to be seen.

Paul - Sang one of my favorite songs, "Eleanor Rigby." Started good and went continuously uphill. I thought this was a phenomenal performance along with great staging. I have no idea what Nicki's problem was or any of the judges for that matter. They didn't like it of course, they always pick on Paul no matter what he does. In my opinion he is the best guy this season. I truly hope the votes come in for him tonight.

Angie - One word...Stellar!! Her version of "Yesterday" was subtle and beautiful. A definite member of the top three.

Devin - Loved his R&B rendition of "The Long and Winding Road." Song was underwhelming but sang beautifully. Possible danger?

Janelle - The judges loved her performance of "I Will," I on the other hand not so much. I adore her but this was not her best, she obviously had trouble hitting some of the notes and compared to the other girls she cannot compete. She will certainly be a country star but I don't believe she has a chance at the "American Idol" title.

So my predictions for tomorrow are as follows. Top 3: Kree, Angie & Lazaro. Bottom 2: Amber and Devin.
Tune in tomorrow to see if I am right. And please share your thoughts, I love to hear your opinion.

Bloglovin' Massive Giveaway

With the big announcement by Google that they're getting rid of Google Reader, there has been a huge push to move towards Bloglovin', and it's such a fun way to follow and keep up with blogs.  So in order to help our followers move to that platform a bunch of us bloggers got together and have a HUGE giveaway to celebrate.  The response was intense, and so we ended up with 4 different gift cards at a $320 value!  Amazing!

The Follow Me on Bloglovin' Massive Giveaway

In order to keep you from getting too intimidated by the rafflecopter we've broken it down into 4 different ones, go ahead and enter them all if you'd like! :) This also ensures you have a much higher chance of winning!  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Erin Go Brrrr....Montauk Parade 2013

How was the Montauk St. Patrick's Day Parade? I was really too busy shivering to notice.  My husband and I along with our daughter, Olivia and my friend Stacia took the hour and a half long trip out east to Montauk to meet my sister and nephew. It was my decision to head out early to beat the traffic and have some time to walk up and down Main Street before the crowds but with approximately 35 degree temps along with the wind that was probably a mistake. The last thing we needed was an extra hour and a half in the cold. At least Joe and Stacia were able to get their 10am chowder.
Yes, they are eating chowder at 10am
So after my daughter threw a complete hissy fit Joe was forced to sit in the car with her, he probably had the best deal because at least he had heat.  We were all anxiously awaiting the start of the parade and were honestly quite frustrated that it started almost a half hour late. After already waiting in the cold for two hours we just weren't in the mood for it any longer. It seemed a little shorter than usual and we couldn't have been happier to pack up and head to the warmth of the car.
Olivia and Joe came out to enjoy a little bit of the parade
Well, I will probably look back and laugh at this whole experience in a few weeks but I was disappointed. Don't get me wrong it was largely my own fault for bringing a one year old to a parade an hour and a half away in extremely cold temperatures. I think we will stay local next year so worse case scenario we just go home. Here's to hoping next St. Patty's is a little warmer.

Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patty's Weekend Is Here!

Woohoo! We made it! Happy Friday everyone! I am looking forward to a jam packed weekend of fun and shenanigans. Tomorrow is my sister's birthday so we are meeting at my parent's house for some cake and goodies and then off to Dave and Buster's to celebrate. We can't come home too late though because we need to get up early Sunday morning to head out to Montauk for their St. Patrick's Day parade. We have been a few times but it will certainly be a little different with my daughter, Olivia, in tow but I have no doubt it will be just as fun. I will be sure to share some photos come Sunday night so stay tuned...

Well, have a good night all and I will be talking to you soon.  But before you go to bed be sure to head over to Life With Lovebugs to check out my latest post: Hot Zebra Print Nails In No Time At All.

Broke the wig and jacket in today for the fun filled weekend ahead

Monday, March 11, 2013

Become A Fan!!

Hey everyone!! Two new ways to stay up to date with my blog...

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Thanks and goodnight! xo

Beauty On A Budget: Bold Mascara

Obsessed with having my lashes look full and defined, I used to spend big bucks trying to find the perfect prestige brand mascara. I have found some decent ones along the way but nothing that I felt was worth the $25 I spent.  The happiest I have been with a mascara wasn't one I got in a department or cosmetic store but rather a drug store. It was Maybelline's Volum' Express The Colossal. It comes in classic black, glam black and brownish black. I use glam black all the way and it really makes my lashes look nice and full. It's debatable if it's any better than the prestige brand mascaras but it is certainly as good and I much rather spend $7 as opposed to $20 and up.
Rockin' the Maybelline's Colossal mascara in glam black
Well, you heard about one of my favorite mascaras, what's yours? I would love to hear what your favorite mascara is that's under $10. Please share!!

On a side note, anyone else loving the way up high bun this season?! =)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Small Business Giveaway By Chasing Birdies

I am happy to be a part of Chasing Birdies Small Business Giveaway. There are several cool prizes up for grabs  including any pair of earrings from my Etsy shop, Lollipop Swirlz. You can enter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be Happier Challenge #2

Hey guys! I hope you all were able to complete last week's challenge but a new week is upon us and it's time to take on a new task. Since I am now obsessed with dieting and exercise because Spring is practically here, I decided to create a small exercise challenge this week.

Monday - Do 2 sets of 25 jumping jacks before getting ready for your day.

Tuesday - Do 2 sets of 25 situps before getting ready for your day.

Wednesday - Wherever you go today, park in the furthest parking spot so you have a longer walk to all your destinations.

Thursday - Find some stairs and go up and down them 10 times in a row.

Friday - Do as many pushups as you can and then take a short break and try another set.

Saturday - Take a walk.

Sunday -  Do all of the above and feel proud about all the physical activity you crammed in your day.

Feel free to comment and let me know if you succeeded in completing this week's challenge. =)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Beauty Tips For Life With Lovebugs

I am proud to announce I will be writing some beauty posts for the fabulous blog, Life With Lovebugs, in the coming weeks. You can check out my first post here: Prepare Now, It's All About Glowing Skin This Summer.  Please feel free to leave your comments and questions and check back every Friday for new beauty advice and tips.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Baby Girl!! Finally!!

'Lil Princess

Yesterday I finally got to do a photoshoot for a newborn baby girl. It has been boy after boy for the past few months and this was a great change of pace so I had to share my excitement. Not to mention, I was fortunate to have a mom with lots of her own awesome ideas. I am always coming up with my own concepts but sometimes with doing constant baby shoots, it's nice to have a new perspective. Here are a few of my favorite photos.
Have to give their mommy complete credit for this idea..Priceless!
Again, mom gets total credit for this construction
Beautiful girl!
Thanks for checking out some of my work. I cannot wait until Saturday until my shoot at Heckscher State Park where I will be getting to shoot a bunch of little models. I will be sure to share some of those as well.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Creating My Own Shabby Chic Headbands

Shabby chic headbands seem to still be all the rage for newborns through adults. Being a photographer and a mother of a baby girl I have ordered my fair share through Etsy. They look so good in the photos but when I receive them I can't help but think: "I could make that." It's not that they don't look good in person but when you get to hold it and really look at it you realize how simple they are to construct. I have an arsenal of craft supplies so last night I took out like 20 minutes and created two headbands I am quite proud of. Here they are:
I had St. Patty's fun on the brain
Love bright colors and bling 

All you need are some flowers, elastic, embellishments, felt for the back and your handy dandy hot glue gun. The construction is quick easy and super fun. The most time consuming part is finding all the supplies. I do this late night and on Etsy of course, I actually placed an order last night and can't wait to share my new creations. These headbands and headbands to come will be on sale in my Etsy Shop, Oh So Pretty Designs. Hope you check them out!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Be Happier Challenge #1

Here we go, my first be happier challenge!! I am pumped and hope you are too. We are going to start easy this week so no cheating!

Monday - Do not complain to anyone in person or on social media about the fact that it is Monday

Tuesday - Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while even if it's only to say hi!

Wednesday - Give a complete stranger a compliment. (This simple task can make someone's whole day)

Thursday - Write down 5 things in your life that you are grateful for..Even if you are having a bad day this can help you focus on the positive even if only temporarily.

Friday - It's Friday! Celebrate by turning on your favorite song either at home or in the car and sing along at the top of your lungs.

Saturday - Make plans to do something you've been wanting to do. It doesn't need to be done today but the date needs to be set today.

Sunday - Check out my blog for Be Happier Challenge #2

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Cast - Who Are These People?

So when I found out the cast of season 16 of Dancing With the Stars I was rather disappointed. I either felt they they were boring or didn't know who the heck they were. So let me enlighten you.

Wynonna Judd - I know she's a country music star but not feeling too thrilled over this pick. I have a feeling she will be predictable and an early elimination but I could certainly be wrong.

D.L. Hughley - Who??? Supposedly he's a comedian. Oh wait, he looks familiar. See photo below:
D.L. Hughley

Jacoby Jones - Not into Football so I had no idea he was on the Baltimore Ravens. He'll do well, the athletes usually do.

Lisa Vanderpump  - I've heard of the show Vanderpump Rules but have no idea what it's about. It sounds like a reality show about a hillbilly gas station.  Upon further investigation I learned she was on the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That already turns me off because you know she'll most likely be the most obnoxious contestant.

Andy Dick - I knew who he was but unfortunately not a fan but I know many people love this comedian/actor.

Victor Ortiz - ......Crickets...... No idea. Okay, he is an award winning professional boxer.

Zendaya - Say whaaat?! Who or what is this? She , yes it's a she, is a Disney star. She might actually be one of my faves, the Disney stars usually are.
Hopefully she is as fun as she looks

Aly Raisman - Captain of the Gold Medal winning 2012 US Gymnastics team. Hopefully she can be as amazing as Shawn Johnson, my all time fave.

Ingo Rademacher - I will inform you because I had no idea, he is best known for General Hospital. He is this season's soap star. Feeling indifferent.

Kellie Pickler - Now THIS had me excited! I loved her on American Idol and I am sure I will love her on DWTS. This country star is sweet and silly and sure to be one of America's faves. And who can forget this endearing quote: "I've been a little embarrassed on the show because, you know, I didn't know what calamari was, and a lotta people make fun me."
Winner right here!!

Dorothy Hamill - I love this figure skating legend but I fear she will be boring. Yawn...

Well, there you have it! What do you think of this season's cast and will you be tuning in? Season 16 airs Monday March 18th on ABC.