Friday, May 30, 2014

Sometimes You Just Need A Good Squirt In The Eye

Okay, get your mind out of the gutter, you pervs! That title got your attention, didn't it?! This photo always makes me laugh and I needed a laugh. Been feeling kind of down lately and decided to do a little post focusing on some positive and humorous aspects of my life.

1 - The reaction I get when people learn I am 32 (soon to be 33).  This is priceless! It's always a stunned "no f-in way" look. I always looked young and have been carded for everything including lotto tickets from day one. It used to bother me but now that I am in my 30s it makes me happy. I am constantly told by people that they think I am 24,25ish. I'll take it!

2 - My eyes look insanely blue in all my selfies when looking into the light. I love my eyes. Probably my best trait. They even look vampire-esque in some photos. I am asked: "Are your eyes real?" "Are those contacts?" all the time. Kinda makes a girl feel good.

Eyes were not edited...Just looking into the light.
3 - My daughter is super smart and super gorgeous. Not that those are important factors for me loving my daughter but I am so proud of the things she knows at such a young age. She amazes me every day. Plus she is super adorable. She may have the attitude of a teenager at times but she makes it easy to overlook that tiny detail.

My pride and joy!
This post seemed to do the job. Made me a little happier even if just for a little while. Sometimes we need to take some time out to find joy in the silly, little things. What about you? What are some silly things that make you happy? xoxo

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Day Late...

I decided to get a little wild and post about my Memorial Day weekend today since I figured everyone else did it yesterday. Didn't want to overload your feed any more with another Memorial Day Weekend post. Now you get to enjoy it today, or at least I hope you do.

Overall, I had a good weekend after a bit of a rocky start. Saturday, we decided to head to a local Arboretum and explore with Olivia. I must admit, I did have an ulterior motive of trying to get a few nice professional looking photos of me and her. After she refused to take photos with me and seeing how hideously large I looked in the ones she agreed to take with me, the day went to shit. I was super depressed about what I looked like and there was no snapping me out of it, at least for the rest of the day. Here's one of the photos where I don't look that hideous:

Sunday we decided to go to the Air Show at Jones beach. Despite my anxiety in huge crowds and the fact that there were over 400,000 people there I had a good time. The weather was gorgeous and we went with a large group of people. The only downfall was having to wait 1-1/2 hours on the bathroom line. Only did that once!

Monday we went to my mom's house for a barbecue and it was like nature knew it was Memorial Day and BAM it was 80 degrees. It was a fun laid back back day. Then there was a barbecue going on at our our house when we got home so we had  a marathon barbecuing day but it was the perfect end to a nice a holiday weekend. I hope you enjoyed the weekend as well!! xoxo

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Backhanded Compliment

Let's discuss the backhanded compliment. You know those "compliments" you are given where you don't know whether or not to smile and say thanks or slap a b*tch. I've had the urge to do the latter much more often lately. The following are not compliments people!! So just refrain from using any of these.

"You have such a pretty face!" Why thanks! But I guess not such a pretty body since you only addressed my face. You could have said "You're so pretty!" and left it there but thanks for pointing out my insecurities about my body. I guess I should be grateful you complimented me at all being for an inferior non-stick figure.

"Are you sick? You normally have such a pretty glow." I actually feel just fine just didn't have time to apply my makeup this morning. Thanks for informing me that I look like a sick zombie without it.

"I like this hair color so much better." Thanks I guess. But let me just clarify, you were lying when you said you liked my hair color last time around?

"You're so much smarter than you look." Well thank you. Just because I dye my hair blonde on occasion it doesn't mean all my brain cells are gone. I think it's so awesome we are still judging intelligence on appearance. Makes total sense.

"What a great knock-off!" Obviously not! Do you find it absolutely necessary to let me know that you know it's not the real deal. Hmph!

"You're so lucky you get to sit home with your daughter all day." (Said from a non mother) - All I can do is laugh at this one. First of all, I work from home and watch my daughter but that aside, the last thing I do is sit. I chase her here, chase her there, get her this, get her that, etc., etc. When I am not doing that I need to do my job which pays my bills. But yeah, I'm lucky and pulling all my gray hairs out. As a mother who has both worked and stayed home, going to work is so much easier than staying home, hands down. The best revenge for this will be when this person finally has a child and they can see first hand, how "relaxing" it is.

What about you? What backhanded compliments have you received? And do you think the person was being intentionally obnoxious or were they just plain clueless?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Where Are My...

Happy Friday, my little blogging lovers!! So I have been on a hunt. For what? You may ask. I truly enjoy tons of different blogs, all types written by all types of people from all walks of life. But I have found there are a few categories where I feel the selection is low. Maybe it is just that I am not looking in the right places and you can give a girl a hand.

Where Are My?

Plus Size Fashion Bloggers - Although I love reading fashion blogs by all these pretty little things, I am smart enough to realize I will not look good in half of what they wear. I still like looking for some inspiration from these gals but I want inspiration from someone close to my size. One blogger I have found and makes me feel better about myself is Nadia Aboulhosn. She has great fashion sense and is more my size and she leaves me wanting more. I want to find other bloggers like her. She is such an inspiration for us curvy girls.

Non Religious Bloggers - I am not a religious person so I am a little turned off by blogs that are solely faith driven. Don't misunderstand me, I completely respect these bloggers but it is not my thing. That being said their are some "religious" bloggers I regularly read as long as every post isn't about God. In blogging land, I feel like there are so many blogs where the first words under their little photo are "God Loving" and I feel automatically shunned. Again, there is nothing wrong with that but where are my fellow non-religious gals at? One is Erin from Two Thirds Hazel. If you fit into this category you will want to check out this post by her: My Beliefs In God.

Non "Goody Two Shoes" Mommy Bloggers - I am a mom and occasionally I write about my antics with my daughter but my blog is about me and how being a mom is part of my life, not my whole life. I feel like so many (not all) mommy bloggers are: all organic, use reusable diapers, breast feed, etc. and non of those things are me. These types of bloggers make me feel like I am a bad mom and I know I am not so I usually avoid these blogs all together. I give props to those who do all of that but it's just not me.

Funny, Sarcastic, Witty B*tches - I think I can be witty on occasion and damn right sarcastic (at least in real life) and I want some gals I can laugh with and know they aren't taking things too seriously. I have actually found a few blogs in this category that I really love but I love them so much I want more!! Here's a shout out to the blogs in this category that I simply love: Voyage of the MeeMeeThe Daily TayI Wore Yoga Pants To Work and Helene In Between. Check these ladies out! I love them!!

Male Bloggers - Let me clarify, male bloggers whose blogs aren't about sports. I want to read a lifestyle blog by a funny man. I always find a male perspective enlightening and down right hilarious at times. Are there any of these out there?

So if you know any fabulous bloggers that fit into any of these categories please give a girl a hand and let me know. Enjoy the holiday weekend!! xoxo

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We Are Judging You: 5 Tips For Your First Day At Your New Job

Starting a new job?! I don't want to make your more nervous than you already are but yes, you are being judged. Probably more from your new co-workers than your boss. I have been around the work force enough to see what happens when somebody new starts. Your new co-workers are judging you and criticizing a lot of what you do. Some are more forgiving and others can be down right mean. I have compiled a few tips to help you shine on your big day. Some tips may seem obvious and others not so obvious but if you keep these in mind, it will help you be a success.

1 - Be On Time. Obvious right? Well, I have witnessed people show up late on their first day. What they were thinking? I don't know. I actually suggest being 10-15 minutes early. This also allows a little time in case you experience an unexpected traffic delay, etc. That being said, do not arrive too early. You want to make sure your boss is ready for you. I have also seen people show up an hour early and their new boss was not ready for them yet resulting in the manager seeming a bit short and impatient.

2 - Dress Appropriately. Make sure you are clear on the dress code before your start date. And when you attend interviews try to observe what others are wearing so you have an idea of how your co-workers interpret that dress code. If your office is business casual but you notice people wearing jeans with flip flops, I wouldn't recommend going that casual when you first start but this shows you that you would be way overdressed in a suit at that particular office. You want to fit in, at least when you are new, you don't want to be under dressed or look too way over the top, like you are trying too hard.

3 - Be Friendly But Not Too Friendly. Smile, introduce yourself, etc. You may not think it is possible to be to friendly but it is especially when you are brand new at a job. The one complaint I hear over and over again is people saying the newbie is "too comfortable too quick."  How does this happen? Say you overhear two of your co-workers talking about something and you quickly jump in their conversation. This is okay, to do a little when you are new but DO NOT overdo it. As time goes by, you will be included in these conversations more and more, just let it happen naturally. Don't push it. As I said be friendly and try to initiate some conversations but a little bit goes a long way.

4 - Ask Questions. I think a common misconception is that people think they should try to ask as little questions as possible when at a new job. WRONG!! You are being judged for not asking enough questions and being conceived as a know-it-all or a dimwit who is probably doing everything wrong. Think about your questions and try to word and express your questions in a manner that seems intelligent but please ask! Nobody expects you to have no questions.

5 - Relax. Everybody was the new guy at some point. You will have questions, be nervous and unsure but if you work hard and be yourself you will become a new superstar at your job. Don't worry if some of your new co-workers seem catty and unfriendly towards you in the beginning. They probably just want to make sure you will be around a while before letting you in their circle. Don't take it personal.

I hope these tips give you some insight on how to be prepared for your first day at your new job. Good luck and be the star you are!! xoxo

This, That And A Kate Spade Giveaway

Hello everyone!! Sorry I've been missing for a few days...Crazy, crazy weekend and then I started a new job yesterday. It's just two days a week because I still do everything else I do but it's perfect because it gets me around adults more often and it's a little break from running around with a toddler all day every day. We'll see how it goes but so far, so good.

So on Sunday, we went to my husband's godson's birthday party at Adventureland, yes the place the movie was made about, and had a blast. I wasn't sure if Olivia was too young to enjoy a place like this but I am happy to say it was perfect for her. You can see from the photo below that she was in all her glory.

I've started an Instagram account solely for Hole In Her Stocking Designs. Make sure you follow for many giveaways and to have first looks at new designs like this:

Next up, can we talk Dancing With the Stars??!! Meryl & Maks melt my heart!!! They better win tonight!! And how is Candace still in the running for the mirrorball??!!! Someone please explain that to me. Argh!!! She should have been the one to go last night. I had a dream about being on DWTS last night..Obesessed much?

Speaking of dreaming, wouldn't it be a dream come true to win a $150 gift card to Kate Spade? Lucky for you, I teamed up with 11 other bloggers to give you a chance to get your hands on exactly that!
Win $150 Kate Spade gift card!
Just enter using the Rafflecopter below--be honest with your entries. We don't like cheaters around here. :) The giveaway will run from 12:00 am EST on May 20th until 11:59 pm EST on May 26th. Best of luck to you!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Dancing With The Stars Finale Prediction

This has got to be one of the arguably toughest seasons to call on Dancing With The Stars. This past week's performances were definitely finale quality with the 10s flying rampant. And it was shocking to see to Charlie go home, although I was okay with that because I love the others just a little more.

Normally, when I occasionally write these reality TV posts I have a clear cut winner in my mind. I am pretty confident in who I think should win and who I think will actually win and I am correct most of the time. I have to say this is the first time I am completely stumped. I don't know who I want to win and I don't have a feeling in which way America will vote. This is just a testament to how great this season actually is. Let's break it down.

First up..Candace. Unfortunately for her I think she will place 4th. This I am almost certain of. Does she give us great performances? YES! Is she America's Sweetheart? For sure. But the competition is just that steep this year. I think she was even stunned when she found out this past week that she wasn't even in jeopardy as was I. I honestly didn't think she would make the finale and I don't think she believed she would either. As I said, she is a good dancer and super sweet but I don't think that's enough this year. And I personally, am not a fan of her goody good, overly religious views. I think she will gain lots of votes because of this but lose lots of votes as well. You are either on board or you are not. I understand you have your beliefs but dressing sexy doesn't make you a slut, you are just playing a part, acting. This was the one thing that annoyed me about her. Although, I will say I notice she dressed a little more risque as the season progressed.

James...Ahhhh James....He may not be the best dancer left but who cares!! Although, he is pretty damn good and he has consistently improved every single week, which is always something America likes to see. Do I think he belongs in the finale? Absolutely!! He is a hard worker, gives us great performances, the chemistry between him and Peta is insane and he is great eye candy. I was a little nervous he was going to be eliminated this past week and was overjoyed when he wasn't even in jeopardy. Congrats James!! Do I think he'll win? Most likely not but would I be upset if he did? Not at all.

Next up...Amy. This is a tough one for me. Is she one of the greatest inspirations I've seen in a long time? Heck yes! She is hands down one of the best dancers this season even being an amputee. The judges have always judged her the same as everyone else with no special treatment and so will I. Although, she is inspirational and a great dancer, there is some sort of disconnect for me. I honestly cannot put my finger on it. Maybe I feel like she was set up to be the winner right from the beginning. I don't know. Maybe I just feel like her and Derek are the golden couple and they appear to be putting on an act at times. I might be out of my mind here so please tell me if you agree. Do I think she'll win? Quite possibly. I think it's between her and Meryl and it's a toss up at this point. Do I want her to win? Not really. Is that bad?

Last up. Meryl. As I am writing this post it made me realize I really want Meryl and Maks to win but more for Maks than for Meryl. It's about time he wins a mirror ball and Meryl has certainly brought out the best in him. I really hope they are a couple because they are adorable together. It was so cute seeing Maks so giddy after their perfect show this past week. He looked so joyous and it was contagious. Meryl made me fall in love with Maks. Okay so besides this possible budding romance, Meryl is the best dancer this season. TV gold! Will they win? I hope so!!! But Amy will give them a run for their money. I think they will be guaranteed the win if they have a nice romantic kiss at the end of one of their numbers on Monday. We've been waiting for it! Give us what we want!!!

There you have it. My thoughts and predictions for The Dancing With The Stars finale. I may have been a little tough on some of the contestants but it's only because there is such a tight competition this year. No matter what  I said, I truly enjoy all the contestants that remain and cannot wait for Monday!! I predict it will be the best show of all time!! xoxo

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tips For Fabulous Family Portraits

I had the honor of photographing this gorgeous family once again this year. The first time I did their family portraits they came out great and this time around things were no different. Their fabulous photos inspired me to write this post to give you some tips for your own family portraits

1 - Outfit coordination. This is EXTREMELY important. You want a cohesive look in your photos. Attire can make or break your photographs. You can have great photographs but if everyone is dressed completely different it takes something away from the photo. The clothing doesn't need to be dressy as you can see they decided to do denim and white and the mom wore a white and blue dress to match. This is simple and looks fantastic.

2 - Have your own vision. It never hurts to have a few of your own ideas for the photos. Check out Pinterest or any website with a lot of family portrait ideas and pick out two or three you really love that would work for your family. The photographer will have their own ideas (it is their job) but respectfully suggest trying your own interpretation of what you have seen. This helps the photo session feel like it is a little more catered towards you. I am not saying to take over the whole session with your ideas because the photographer does know what they are doing but I always like to ask clients at some point during the session if they had any of their own ideas.

3 - Be Flexible. Sometimes people show me very specific photos they want to try and replicate but sometimes we cannot get it to work out. Whether it be an uncooperative toddler or a completely different location, you have to go with the flow. Sometimes people get so caught up in a specific vision that they let it ruin the rest of the shoot and it shows on their face. As I stated in #2, it's great to have ideas but you also have to be flexible and understand sometimes a different route needs to be taken.

4 - Listen to the photographer. This may seem obvious but it is very important to trust the photographer. I may ask clients to do something that seems silly or feels awkward but I promise it is all for a good photo. No need to feel self conscious just rock whatever is asked of you. And I promise those "awkward feeling" photos are often among my client's favorite photos. Also, make sure you respect and listen to the photographer when he or she is speaking to your family. It's very frustrating for a photographer when they are trying to explain a pose and people are talking and not paying attention. This is particularly important when there is a large group.

5 - Just have fun. A family portrait session is meant to be fun and a memory to last a lifetime. Relax and be silly. Enjoy your family. Have no worries. Your carefree joy will translate into your photographs. No matter what happens just smile and laugh.

I hope these tips help you out and help you to get the family photos you've always hoped for. xoxo

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sh*t Women Say

Voyage of the Mee Mee

I usually link up monthly for Sh*t Men Say and was excited when I heard things were getting switched up to hear all the crazy sh*t women say. I don't have the hubby doing this by recalling some dumb stuff I am sure I have said but rather I am going to share some real humdingers that have been said to me by women.

* I was working with a new girl at my old job and was helping her invoice a client. The client's bill was $15 and the client handed newbie a twenty dollar bill. She just sat there for a minute looking really dumbfounded. After about ten seconds I took the twenty from her and opened the drawer and gave the guy his $5 change. She then looked at me and said: "I really son't do math." WTF? We might have a problem then. I told her she could use a calculator if she needs to and she says, wait for it..." I like subbtract the little number from the big number?" Yes, genius, yes. Needless to say, she only lasted about a week.

* Then there was this one time I was on line at the post office the day after having my hair dyed blonde. I overheard two girls on line behind me saying, "Her hair looks good, it looks so natural." I turned to them and they complimented my hair and I said thank you but then one of the girls says: "I like really like it. I hate when girls dye their hair blonde and it has that little bit of black at top. So not natural." Yeah.....they're called roots, the only reason I don't have any is because my hair was done yesterday. Sigh....

* I was at a McDonald's in the city and the girl who was taking my order said to me: "Oh my God, your eyes are so gorgeous. Are they real?" Ummm....yes, the last time I checked. I mean I have vision and all.

As you can see we cannot just pin all the dumbass sh*t on the men. Women can come up with some pretty stupid sh*t as well. What are some silly things another women has said to you? Or better yet, have you said anything embarrassing? xoxo

Don't Burst My Bubble

I still believe in following my dreams, although, I am 32 years old. It's never too late to create the life you always wanted.  "Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use." -- Earl Nightingale

I still believe in true love, although, there are rough times (extreme at times) some people choose to work through them and strengthen their bond. Not everyone runs to get divorced the second their relationship isn't going the way they imagined.

I believe that some people can really communicate with the other side. I am sure there are more hacks than those with a true gift but I believe some people possess that gift and I can communicate with all those I have lost.

I believe that the best is still ahead of me. It would be truly depressing to believe my best years are behind me. I have had some incredible moments in my life already but I believe that there are more to come.

I believe that there are still good people in this world. I believe not everybody is solely determined to only do what will benefit them. There are still people who love to help others.

I believe that the rigid stereotype of beauty will be broken. I think we are making small strides in that direction but I hope that one day not only the skinny girls will feel beautiful but that all girls will feel beautiful and secure in their own skin. One day everyone will realize (conventional) beauty eventually fades but a beautiful soul will always shine.

What do you believe?? xoxo

Thursday, May 8, 2014

5 Things That Irk Me...

It's a rainy day here on Long Island so I figured I would share a few things that I am not fond of in this world. Hey, why not, right?!

1 - The Pringles Container.  How is my chubby man hand supposed to grab chips when the container is half empty? Gosh, I have difficulty when the container is almost full. Sheesh! Although, perfectly shaped potato chips are pretty cool.

2 - People who are perpetually late and better yet those who use the excuse that they have babies or toddlers as the reason. Before all you mommies jump down my throat, I am a mom to an extremely stubborn 2 year old so I get it. I unfortunately have to start getting ready an hour before I used to to ensure being on time. That being said sometimes, something happens like a spit up accident while we are running out the door or whatever and we're late. It's ok, once in a while, that's not what bothers me, it's the people who use it as an excuse EVERY time. Plan ahead for these mishaps people.

3 - Unorganized lines. Yes, I think I may have a touch of OCD. I can wait forever on a line if it's organized, best with ropes and things because I know there is some sort of order and people are being taken care of in the correct order. I hate when I go into a crowded deli, for example, and there are crowds of people everywhere with no obvious line. Where do I go? Once I figure it out it gets frustrating because in these sort of situations lots of people use this opportunity to cut the line and jump ahead. Dirt bags!

4 - People who think the world is out to get them. You know these people. They are always crying "woe is me." and have it so much worse than everyone else. We all have our own hardships and battles, each of which are difficult in their own unique way. Shut up already and try to be positive at least once in a while. Don't get me wrong we all, myself included, have our pity party days but come on people do you have to throw that party every day.

5 - Fitting rooms with bad lighting and horrible mirrors. Okay, so I know it's not the lighting or the mirror that's making me look fat, it's the fact that I cannot resist a piece of cake or a bag of chips but some lighting is just more flattering than others. And we all know that there are some mirrors we look so much better in. Retail big wigs: we will buy more when we are happy with how we look. Have the best lighting and those "skinny" mirrors in your fitting rooms or else we leave frustrated in tears. This is a no brainer. Skinny feeling customers buy more! Period.

What are some things that irk you? Would love to know!! xoxo

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Parking Lot Wars

Parking lots are a battlefield. I have been in more fender benders in parking lots than I have on the actual road and my blood has boiled over more times than I care to remember all while trying to park at  my favorite store, the mall or the grocery store. What the heck people?! What is the problem?!

Let's start with my two parking lot fender benders. First one, my hubby and I were leaving the supermarket. We were driving straight in the main lane to get to the road out of the parking lot. I saw an old vehicle coming towards the main lane from one of the parking aisles. The car was going super slow so I didn't think anything of it. But he didn't stop, he just rolled right into my husband and I. My hubby jumped out of the car screaming expletives and ready to fight when an old man who had to be almost 90 can out of his car shaking and smelling like he literally peed himself. We didn't have any damage despite the loud boom the impact caused so my husband let it go and we went on our merry way.

My second parking lot accident happened in the Target parking lot around Christmas time. I was also about 8 months pregnant at the time. I was the second car in line to pull out of the parking lot onto the main road. You are only suppose to make rights out of this exit and the car in front of me had it's left blinker on. Whatever, it was late at night and barely any traffic. They went and I pulled up to the stop sign. Meanwhile, I guess they changed their mind and thought they didn't have enough time to make turn (I don't know. It didn't make much sense.) and they flew into reverse and backed right up into my car. I came out of my car like a maniac and a teenage girl, who probably just got her license got out of the other car. She saw my very pregnant belly and had an automatic meltdown and burst into tears and kept saying: "I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" Luckily I was fine and looked at my front bumper. Only a little scratch. I just told her: "Be careful next time." and let it go.

These mini fender benders aren't even the true treacherousness in parking lots but rather the fact that everyone's road rage seems amplified while hunting down the perfect spot. People become ruthless and honestly I just don't get it. They'll be a car on each side with it's blinker on waiting for a car to pull out of a spot and then it's a game of chicken to see who swipes it first. But what really makes me laugh is that there's a bunch of spots about 5 spots down. Was getting 25 feet closer to the store that beneficial and worth the standoff? Personally, I cannot be bothered and park wherever there is an open spot no matter how far it is. Not to mention, I try to get in little bits of exercise whenever I can.

Another reason for me parking far away is that my spot isn't desirable when I go to leave. I cannot stand, I repeat, I CANNOT stand when people are waiting in their cars for me to back out of my spot. I am sorry I just shopped at the mall, have tons of bags, have a toddler to put in a car seat and a stroller to fold up and try to fit in my messy trunk. Then you can see them huffing and puffing with impatience. The best is when they honk.  I just want to say find another spot and put your legs to f-ing work, A-hole!

I think my best parking lot moment happened a few weeks ago. I was driving on the parking lot road right in front of the stores and had stop at a crosswalk because there was a bunch of people looking to cross over the road. That's what your supposed to do right? Well apparently the truck behind me wasn't paying attention and almost slams into me and proceeds to speed around me and almost hit the people in the crosswalk. Not to mention, get ready for it, gives me the finger! Wait, what? To make matters worse we end up in the same store. It's like hello b*tch you were in that much of a hurry to go to Old Navy, It's not like you were hauling a$$ to a hospital. It took every bit of strength not to confront this trash but I refrained.

So I cannot be the only who loathes parking lots, what are some things that have happened to you while innocently trying to park? Until next time, be careful out there! xoxo

Monday, May 5, 2014

Where Have All The Craft Fairs Gone?

Yesterday, I set up and sold my jewelry, some jewelry boxes and flower halos at the Lindenhurst Spring Festival. Needless to say, I was underwhelmed and disappointed. Not even in my sales, although that wasn't quite what I was hoping, but rather in the whole experience and with the vendors at the event. More about that in a bit.

First of all the weather left something to be desired. It was overcast and super windy. I had the cutest idea for my table display but every time I got things set up a huge gust of wind would come and blow it all down. A few times even my wooden jewelry boxes got blown clear off the table. This was a major downer to me because I had all these plans of having the best display ever and taking wonderful Pinterest perfect photos. Yep...Well obviously that didn't happen. I am about to set up the table in my backyard later to get the photos I wanted but then I think I'll seem kind of crazy.

I know this was a street festival, not a craft fair, but I expected to see more handmade items. Every other booth was a bank or insurance company looking to make sales. The rest of the booths were either direct sales salespeople such as Scentsy, or stuff made in China. I honestly think I was the only booth that had handcrafted items. This says it all, a women came over to my table and looked at my stuff and asked if I made it all. I told her yes and she responded: "Oh my God. That's amazing. I've never seen anything like this." I was flattered but it was actually kind of sad. I have found that most of the so called craft fairs fairs I have done on Long Island aren't really crafts at all and that truly disappoints me. I know of a couple true arts and crafts fairs but it costs like $500 to be a vendor and with my price point it isn't worth it. Me having a great day would only cover the table.

I wish I was down south or in the midwest. It seems like you guys have some amazing arts and crafts shows. I think I would do so well elsewhere. I would love to find a farmers market with crafts and things to do every weekend but they don't really exist here. There are farmers markets but they are really just food. UGH..I wish I had a huge barn with tons of property to host my own. One can dream, right?!

Any fellow Long Islanders know of any true arts and crafts shows? And to my friends all over the country does your town or area have some amazing fairs? I would love to hear about them!! xoxo

My helpers for the day!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Wacky Keywords Here I Come

So I've always been a little jealous when some of my fellow bloggers do posts of the crazy and ridiculous keywords that lead people to their blogs. These posts are usually hilarious and leave me thinking what the hell?! PENIS! Anyway, I have never had many interesting keyword searches that lead people to my blog and that had me wondering, am I boring? VAGINA! I really hope that isn't the case because I certainly don't want to be a dull blogger. HOOKER!

The craziest thing that ever brought someone to my blog was "two red hens coop." Huh?! I know I never wrote about hens and I don't think I have ever even written about a farm so this perplexes me but I'll take it. KELLY CLARKSON! I was a bit proud that "pretty girl selfies" brought a few people to my blog. I did do a post back a while back with some other bloggers about selfie tips so at least this makes sense and at least it wasn't "ugly girl selfies" because then I think I would have wanted to crawl in a hole and die. GIVE IT TO ME BABY. UH HUH. UH HUH.

So I am curious, what are some of the keywords or phrases that brought readers to your page? DONKEY! Are you blessed with an array of strange and interesting words worth talking about or are you boring like myself? PRINCE CHARMING! If you have entertaining stats please share because I could always use a good laugh.

Anyways, hopefully these little outbursts help me to have something worth writing about next time. I will definitely keep you posted. SUCK IT! xoxo

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mega Ad Space Giveaway

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