Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Simplest Makeup For the Busiest of Moms

Believe me, I know it is next to impossible to get some makeup on for work when you are trying to get a toddler ready and fly out the door to get to work on time but let me give you a makeup regime that you can complete in under five minutes. Please keep in mind this is not for someone who likes to wear a lot of makeup, typically me, this is for someone who wants just a little something to give their face a little glow.

Here we go:
1-Put on your moisturizer
2-Put on your primer
3-Put on your foundation
4-Put on some mascara
5-Put on some lip gloss

Now, some of you who don't wear makeup at all may be going "Woah!" but really it is quick. Bing Bang Boom. Once you have your products picked out, you know exactly what you are picking up each morning.
I will be writing some posts on picking the best products for you in the upcoming weeks and I will also be writing "Simple Intermediate Makeup For the Busiest of Moms," this will include some more eye makeup and face contouring. Hope you check those out as well.

Me wearing only products listed above

Sunday, February 24, 2013

And My Winner For Best Dressed Is.....

Okay so we all would agree the best part of the Oscars is the fashion and tonight did not disappoint. I loved many gowns but the dress that made me say wow was surprisingly not worn by a nominee but rather a nominee's date. That would be Stacy Keibler, George Clooney's significant other.
Is that not pure perfection?! The lines, the thin black belt, I love everything about it. Obsessed! Not to mention her flawless hair and makeup. Everything came together beautifully. Oh and I guess I should mention the dress is by Naeem Khan.

February $30 Target Gift Card Giveaway

Be sure to visit Tutus and Tea Parties to enter for this chance to win a $30 Target gift card.  I am excited that my Etsy Shop Lollipop Swirlz is a sponsor of this great blog this month. Good luck to all that enter!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Newborn Photos: What should your baby wear...

As a photographer who often photographs babies I am often asked what should my baby wear? The simple answer is keep it simple and less is more especially for newborn sessions. Often times people have these elaborate and adorable outfits picked out but they are usually a little big and can look quite awkward in the photos. Another issue with these outfits is that the positions the baby needs to be in to "show off" the complete outfit aren't necessarily the best poses for a baby this young. So what do I suggest?! A snug fitting solid onsie and some adorable hats for the little boys and some cute headbands for the little ladies. Even better is taking naked photos or just leaving your angel in their diaper and covering it up with colored cheesecloth. Here are some examples where less is more.
Now that being said can complete outfits photograph well? Yes, of course! But be sure it fits snug. Normally we like to buy baby clothes a little big which makes complete sense but when it comes to your baby's session outfit smaller is better. And once your baby is old enough to sit up on his or her own those outfits you have envisioned will photograph beautifully. That's why I love doing 6 month photos. Your baby can sit up and show so much more expression. Plus, they aren't old enough to run away! Haha. So book some 6 month photos today! You can visit my photography website here and don't forget to become a fan of my Facebook Page.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blue Eye Makeup: One Way To Do It Right

Most women are afraid to attempt the dreaded blue eye makeup with the fear of looking like a fashion disaster direct from the 1980s. Truth be told, blue eye makeup can look quite pretty if done the right way. There are a few ways to attempt blue but the direction I went today was navy. Navy blue looks gorgeous especially with those who have blue eyes. I put a neutral shimmer shadow all over my lid and used a dark blue for the crease and blended. I also put some of the dark blue shadow under my eye on the outer half and used the neutral shadow for underneath on the inner half. I used a navy blue liner, top and bottom, and finished my eye with black mascara.The finished look is subtle and pretty and definitely not outdated.
Blue Eyes
Products used:
Face - Laura Geller Spackle tinted under makeup primer
          MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW18
          Smashbox Warm Apricot blush
          Smashbox Prism blush
          Smashbox Shimmer highlighter
Eyes - Smashbox Champagne shadow
         Smashbox Nocturnal shadow
         Smashbox Picasso liner
         Smashbox brow wax
         MAC Opulash black
Lips - Smashbox Buff lip gloss

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lollipop Swirlz

I am super excited to launch my newest Etsy shop Lollipop Swirlz. This shop includes all my handmade clay jewelry. It is super fun and colorful. It definitely reminds most people of candy which helped to inspire my name. I have big aspirations for these designs including trying to get accepted in June's Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. Now my big challenge is to get people to discover my Etsy shop because everyone always loves my designs when I wear them so I believe once my job is known it can do quite well. Well here are a few of the designs from my shop.
Neon Swirl Earrings

Big Fun Heart
I made a bunch of new pieces tonight so I hope to get photographs tomorrow so I can update my site. Make sure to check back for more colorful designs!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Candy Shop Success!

So everyone really seemed to enjoy Olivia's candy shop birthday party. I was surprised earlier in the day when setting up that my sister had made some supersized lollipop and candy decorations. She also made a large poster featuring the one and only Olivia! Liv loved seeing the large photo of herself. Haha. Below are some photos showing the final decorating outcome!!
Yummy Cupcakes and Olivia's month by month banner
You can see the awesome candy decorations!
Liv's smash cake made by her Auntie
Me and my baby!