Monday, April 29, 2013

Running For Elephants

I love helping a great cause and having a blast in the process. Saturday my husband, my daughter and I did the 5th Annual Run For the Wild at the Bronx Zoo. This year the run was to raise money for the elephants which excited me because I love elephants and so does my daughter.

The elephant bracelets I made for myself and the ladies

The run had two different start times one at 8am for all the "runners" and one at 8:45 for the family run/walk. My daughter is only 15 months so we obviously did the family walk so we could push Olivia along in her stroller.  We arrived early and the NYPD had a strong presence, undoubtedly from the Boston Marathon tragedy a little over a week prior. Their counter-terrorism unit was on patrol and searching all bags that entered the premises.  Although, I have to say the fact that they hardly even glanced in my huge diaper bag didn't have me feeling too safe.

Ready to run for the wild!

We leisurely walked the 5K and at the finish line there was a complimentary breakfast. There were was also sponsor tables that were giving away gifts and information. We had a bagel, fed the baby and regrouped to conquer the zoo. We even attempted to get a photo with the elephant character that was walking around but Liv wasn't having it.

Get that thing away from me!

We had the perfect day. It was about 70 degrees and sunny.  We explored and had some lunch.  We had free entry into the zoo because we were run participants but I was shocked at how much wasn't included in the normal $16.95 admission price. You definitely have to get total experience tickets for $29.95 and that includes everything. I am even now considering buying the yearly WCS membership. For $189 you get admission for two adults, all children up to 18 and a guest and this includes all additional attractions and parking. I was also excited to learn this includes the Central Park Zoo which I am a huge fan of.

It was a great day but boy oh boy we were exhausted. We were walking around the zoo for about 8 hours so when we got home we were done. I even got sun burnt on top of it.  I am looking forward to going back to the zoo without doing the walk beforehand so we have more energy to conquer all the attractions. And maybe we can actually see the elephants next time. Unfortunately, the only way to see the elephants was on the monorail but the line was tremendous and we had a stroller loaded with all our stuff that we would need to park somewhere. At least that gives us something new to look forward to next time.

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Winner and a Weekend of Fun

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope the sun is shining for you as it is shining for me!!

We have a winner to the Shaping Up For Spring Giveaway. The winner of my giveaway was Aprile R. who was notified via email. Congratulations to her!!

I have been slacking a bit in the posting department but I have so many fun events this weekend that there will be posts galore in the next few days. I hope you guys pop back and check them out. Here is what the weekend has in store for me. Saturday, I have the Run For the Wild at the Bronx Zoo. Sunday, I am seeing the Jillian Michaels seminar. And any day now I should be receiving the FREE products for my first Bzzagent campaign. I cannot wait to share all my experiences with you in a few days. Until then....

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Importance Of Style In Your Family Photoshoot

As many of you know already I am a photographer. I photograph a lot of newborns but I do a lot of family photo sessions as well. I love capturing special family moments that will be cherished a lifetime. After booking your photo session it is so important to think of how you want to style your family. It will largely impact the overall look of your pictures. Don't get me wrong picking a great photographer and dynamic location are extremely important in getting the shots you want but so many people don't put as much effort into choosing the family's wardrobe and they should.

It is not necessary to be completely matchy matchy but coordination and an underlying color and/or theme is definitely important in creating a cohesive image. Here are two examples of families that had a great fashion sense for their family portraits.

Both families did an excellent job of creating a coordinated look but without having to be wearing the exact same thing.  In the top photograph every member of the family is wearing a different bright and fun spring color but all the colors look great together and they created some bright photographs. In the other photograph the girls all wore white and their brother wore grey. Even though, the girls all choose white their outfits are completely different but still go well together.

Before getting your family portraits done I suggest talking with your whole family to see what everyone feels comfortable wearing and talk about the complete vision everyone has for the portraits. Once this discussion is had choosing everyone's outfits should become a bit easier.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Lucky Showered With Love Giveaway Winner & Unlucky Me

I am excited to announce my winner of the Showered With Love Giveaway is : Jenny Krout ! Congrats!! she will get a sunset themed tutu along with a matching headband. You can check out my tutus at my Etsy shop: Oh So Pretty Designs.

I also wanted to update you that I was NOT chosen to host the House Party Keurig Vue Party but applied to host some other parties so maybe I will have better luck with them.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shaping Up For Spring Giveaway Event

We are a few weeks into Spring and as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, it's time to shape up!  What better way to make the act of exercising more enjoyable than giveaways!?  The Blogging Mamas Network is hosting the Shaping Up for Spring Hop from April 11th through the 25th to motivate you to get active and healthy!
Be sure to hop around to all of the participating bloggers, in the linky below my giveaway, as they have some great prizes to share with you!  Don't forget the GRAND PRIZE which includes, a 3 meal box from Hello Fresh, Aurorae Yoga Apparel and Yoga Mat, a Accessory Pouch and Hair Bands from Active Accessories, and the best way to get your greens from NewGreens Organic!

Being a Zumba instructor this giveaway is close to my heart and I have a great prize for all my Zumba lovers!! I am psyched to be giving away a Green "Peace, Love & Zumba" tshirt and two rubber zumba bracelets to match. Tshirt is ones size fits most and is super soft. A must have for the fitness enthusiast.

Please note: You are only receiving green tshirt with matching bracelets

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

House Party Discovery

I finally decided to check out House Party and I am super stoked. I was invited to an HP Wake Up Your Walls Party not too long ago and was really confused as to what it was.  I finally learned it was a party hosted by a friend with great HP products and promos and they signed up to host through House Party. I wasn't able to attend so I never really found out any more details.

Today I was just web surfing and I don't know what made me decide to check out the website but I did and boy am I glad.  Basically you set up an account and you can apply to host a party sponsored by a vast array of companies, anything from Keurig, BIC, Atkins, Dole, etc. If picked you get a FREE party pack and you in return get the word out at your party about that company's products and also share pictures and comments on your social media sites and on their website. I am already obsessed with social media so this was a no brainer for me.

Today I applied to be a host for the Keurig Vue House Party and I am anxiously awaiting to see if I am chosen.  Words wouldn't be able to express how excited my hubby and I would be if picked because wait until you hear what your party pack includes. A Keurig Vue!!! Yes, you get a free Keurig Vue along with everything needed to make some fabulous cups of coffee and other great party items. I already have some great ideas for our party so I truly hope we are chosen.

I hope this will soon be mine!

There are other parties open to apply for and I seriously suggest you check them out.  I think I may go and apply for some more parties and I will be sure to let you know if I am chosen for this one. Have you ever hosted a House Party? If so, which one?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Awesome Action..90s Style

In the mood for an awesome action flick?! You must check out Olympus Has Fallen starring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman.  My hubby and I do not get to go to the movies too often with a 14 month old so we are always nervous about making the right choice on what to see but we couldn't have been more pleased with last night's pick.  Pure action and suspense from beginning to end and it was something we both could enjoy equally.

It was funny because the night before as we were watching Deep Impact, we were saying that we missed 90s action flicks such as: Independence Day, Air Force One, Bad Boys, Dante's Peak, Con Air, Armageddon, to name a few. Well, as I was watching Olympus Has Fallen, I couldn't help but think this is what I have been waiting for, a true kick ass action movie that literally had me biting my nails off while watching. It was one of those movies that had the entire theater clapping as it ended. I was listening to everyone as we left the theater and heard comments like: "that rocked" and "so good."

So what is it about? Without giving too much away the White House is taken over by terrorists and the President, played by Aaron Eckhart, is one of the hostages along with other important members of the US government. Secret Service Agent, Mike Banning, played by Gerard Butler, makes his way into the White House to become the President's only hope of survival.  Some say it was just like Die Hard in the White House but I say who cares?! It was just that good!

This flick has been out for weeks now so you better go check it out before it's gone! And ladies this is one movie your husband will be sure to agree on seeing.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fast Forwarding Through Dancing With The Stars

I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts on this week's Dancing With The Stars Prom. Honestly, I felt myself bored and fast forwarding through a lot of the routines. I only really look forward to two couples and that is Kellie and Derek and Victor and Lindsay. Truth is the only reason I enjoy watching Victor and Lindsay is because I am obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance and Lindsay was a fabulous contestant on that show last season. And my interest in Lindsay is making me like Victor. He seems to be trying and I truly hope he sticks around for a while. 

My Prom Queen!

Let's talk about the biggest disappointment of Monday night, one of my all time favorite songs, Pour Some Sugar On Me, being wasted on Wynonna Judd.  I don't care if you can dance or not but at least entertain us, put a smile on, give us a wink, come it's one sexy song and a frozen face and no energy are just not cutting it. I honestly had to stop watching it half way through. And I guess I wasn't the only one who felt this way because Wynonna was sent packing after only 3 weeks.

I also felt there was a big injustice with the fact that Kellie wasn't "Prom Queen," she was the best by a mile last night and is so sweet and likable. Don't get me wrong, Zandaya is a good dancer and I am sure she was crowned Queen because of the sentiment behind her dance but I was disappointed.  I feel like Zandaya is Kellie's biggest competition for the mirror ball but she seems a little full of herself and I am now turned off to her.  I guess time will only tell. Who do you think will take home the mirror ball this season?! And am I the only one who finds this season boring?!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Looking For Fun & Fabulous Products

Hey guys! I need your help and I think I can help you in return. I am looking for some great products to review and feature in my blog. Anything from jewelry, apparel, baby items (I have a 1 year old girl), craft supplies, self published books, etc. I would love to feature your product and shop! Not to mention, I am a photographer so I can get some kick butt photos of your product in use for my blog. If featured you have option to host a giveaway and your shop will appear in my side bar the week following the post covering your product. Email me at dancewithadolly{at}gmail{dot}com if interested. I hope to hear from you!

Showered With Love Giveaway Hop

Baby Shower Giveaway Hop
Welcome to the Showered With Love Event hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network!  We all know that April Showers bring May Flowers, but did you know that over 50 bloggers have come together throw a huge Shower of our own - a virtual Baby Shower!  The Showered  with Love Event will run from April 1-15, giving you plenty of chances and time to enter all of the great giveaways!
Be sure to hop around to each blogger in the linky under my giveaway, as well as check out the fabulous Baby Shower Grand Prize, including a Boba Wrap, Red Charlotte Doll Carrier, a $50 GC to Walls Need Love, AND 6 pocket cloth diapers from Little Monsters - worth over $300!
Showered With Love Grand Prize

I am super excited to be a part of this giveaway hop!  I will be giving away the beautiful Sunset tutu (in size 0-3 months) with a matching yellow flower headband from my Etsy shop: Oh So Pretty Designs.

Sunset Tutu

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