Monday, June 30, 2014

Gotta Love Pinterest

Happy Monday! I am pooped. I am seriously too old for all the partying that took place this weekend. Saturday we had a luau themed graduation party for hubby's cousin and let's say I may think I can party like I used to but apparently that is not the case.

I just want to take a moment to seriously thank Pinterest for being one of the best creations ever. I simply put in luau party and the DIY ideas that popped up were endless. I decided to give two desserts a try and they were a hit.

First, I saw several versions of a beach cupcake so I decided to make a sheet cake that looked like a beach. I think it came out pretty darn good. what do you think?!

Secondly, I used Nutter Butters to make some flip flop cookies. They weren't as exciting of a dessert as my cake but they fit the theme and were cute nonetheless.

Well, I have some good news for you. There are still two days left to enter this totally fabulous Boho wrap bracelet! All you need to do is enter below and they even better news is that here are two entry options. So it will only take a minute to enter! Good luck!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Humpday Confessions

Vodka and Soda

Happy Humpday!!! It's one of my fave days of the week, solely because of this post. So we all have some character flaws, I mean nobody is perfect. And I am well aware of some of my not so flattering traits so here we go....

- I have no patience. I have no patience for the slow people walking in front of me in the mall. I have no patience for that car going less than the speed limit. I have no patience for stupidity. I have no patience for arrogance. And the list goes on and on. You get the idea. I know patience is a virtue but it is certainly one I lack. I have been working on becoming more patient, I don't really have a choice with a two year old, and I have been getting better but still have a ways to go.

-I have the worst road rage. I didn't realize how much I screamed and cursed at other drivers until my daughter started saying "f#@k. sh*t." every time she got in the car. I quickly changed my ways and she no longer says those words. I just flip other drivers the bird instead of vocalizing.

-I have the mouth of a sailor. You probably figured that out in my last confession but the expletives don't just fly out of my mouth when driving it's pretty much all day. Again with a toddler I have worked on this tremendously but we all have our slip ups.

-I tend to binge drink. I do not drink often but when I do I tend to go to town. We don't often get a night out so when we do I want to get the most bang for the buck. Meaning I drink until I cannot drink anymore. At least it's always a night to remember.

So that's all I feel like admitting for today before you all think I am a hideous person. I swear I do have some good traits too, that'll be for another day. To make up for some of my wrong doing I've decided to give away a fabulous wrap bracelet from my shop: Hole In Her Stocking Designs. Enter below and good luck! (US ONLY)


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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pinterest Success: The Drink Umbrella Wreath

I had come across a pretty awesome drink umbrella wreath on Pinterest compliments of Spoonful and knew I wanted to give this a try one day. Then, I had found out my hubby's cousin was having a luau themed graduation party and this was my perfect excuse to give this a try.

I didn't follow the directions from the original pin but figured it out on my own. I got a styrofoam wreath, drink umbrellas and ended up needing a little bit of glue and a pair of scissors. Overall it was super easy, all I had to do was stick umbrellas into the styrofoam but did learn two important tips along the way. I cut the toothpicks the umbrellas were attached to in half so they didn't stick to far out from the wreath. I also put a little bit of glue on the tips of each toothpick before inserting so the umbrellas don't fly out of wreath in a gust of wind.

Overall, this was quick and easy and will make a great decoration for the party on Saturday! Have you ever made any interesting wreaths of your own?! xoxo

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Childhood Game That Changed My Life

I never thought a childhood game could change my life forever but I was wrong. A certain afternoon replays itself over and over in my head, all thanks to a Ouija board.

It was a typical afternoon over one of my Middle School best friend's houses. We were playing down in her basement when she whipped a Ouija board out. She dimmed the lights and the three of us sat in a circle each with a finger on the indicator. We each asked it questions and answers were spelled out for us. It was all fun and games until we started asking more "serious" questions. I asked "how old will I be when I die?" And the response was "36." I then asked how and I was told "breast cancer."

Holy Crap!! Either these things work and I am dying young or one of my friends was seriously "f"ed up. I was so upset when I went home and cried for days. I cried because I thought I was dying at 36 and I cried because how could one of my so-called friends do something like that to me?

Fast forward about 20 years and the thought still crosses my mind that I am going to die at 36 of cancer. I still think and worry about what a silly game from my youth said. I am going to be 33 in a month and I can't help but feel I only have 3 years to live. I know you are probably thinking this girl is ridiculous but would you have been just able to forget about it if you were in my shoes or am I being neurotic?

I hope and pray that it was just one of friends being seriously "messed up" that day but if not I plan to enjoy the next three years of my life. Because even though I am sure there was no truth behind what I was told (or so I hope) we should each live each day to the fullest because you are never guaranteed tomorrow. Make each moment count! xoxo

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stalker Fail

On Tuesday morning my cousin, my daughter and I made an attempt to head out east and stalk the Kardashians. We decided to take a road trip to the new DASH pop up shop in Southampton. We walked in to the small shop where three salesgirls greeted us. We looked around at all maybe 20 outfits that were hanging, knowing damn well we wouldn't be able to afford any of them but how would they know that. We wanted to seem like we belonged.

They also had a display of all dash logo items which were still expensive for the types of items they were but a little more manageable for a splurge purchase. We each ended up getting a canvas tote with the DASH logo that will be perfect for the beach. At least it's something that will get a lot of use.

We also ended up chatting with the salesgirls who ended up be very nice and helpful. Surprisingly they didn't make us feel out of place at all. I was so close to asking them questions about the Kardashians but I didn't want to seem like a pathetic fangirl. I was trying to be cool. HA!

It will be cool to watch Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons this fall because the store salesgirls are always on the show and we actually chatted with them a bit. I plan to make another trip out in a few weeks with hopes that Khloe or Kourtney will be there. Plus I want to try and sneak some photos inside the shop and of the outside of the shop. Big blogger fail, I know! But again I didn't want to seem "uncool."

We then headed out to Montauk to visit my sister at work at Gurney's. And GUESS WHAT??!! Kourtney Kardashian was there doing a photoshoot!! The place was on lockdown but we had a nice lunch at the beach bar and were able to see Kourtney and Scott from afar on a deck of the hotel. I couldn't take any photos here because it would have got my sis in trouble, especially since she is a manager at the hotel. I was scared to even look in there direction.

We would have hung around on the beach for a while because we knew they would be eventually shooting on the beach right where we were BUT my daughter was being the devil and causing huge scenes. She was so cranky and would stop throwing tantrums. It was so bad and so embarrassing. I didn't want to meet Kourtney with a screaming, devilish child in tow.

So we left. I was a little bummed but realistically I am sure we wouldn't have  gotten anywhere near her but it would have been nice to try. Next time!! xoxo

Monday, June 16, 2014

September Farm June Group Giveaway!

So....I have a second post for you today!! It's a giveaway for $175!!!

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Target Trips Are Better With Toddlers

A little taste of the crazy!
Let me start out by saying that if I was reading my post title aloud it would be said with loads of sarcasm. After Mommy & Me class one day last week I decided to take a trip to Target with my darling two year old. I had a few groceries and Father's Day cards to pick up. She loves Target so I figured it would be a fun little trip.

We pull up and at this point I really got to pee. I tell Liv I have to use the bathroom and then we will get pizza from the small Pizza Hut inside because she asked. She insists on walking and promises to go in shopping cart after we eat. Okay, no problem. Except I REAAALLY have to pee and she is walking about as fast as a snail and as we go she is saying or should I say shouting "Mommy, you have to pee?!" and "Mommy has to go potty?!" Everyone is giggling as they pass us. Good thing I didn't need to do number two.

Bathroom trip accomplished. On to food. We get our little pizza to share and I open the juice fridge for her to pick out her drink and of course she picks out the most expensive juice in the hello kitty cup. I know she won't even like that particular juice and just gets it for Hello Kitty but there is a line behind us and instead of causing a scene I decided to choose my battles and the battle that would be sure to follow isn't worth the $4 drink. So I just oblige.

Lunch went smoothly and then it was time to grab a cart and go shopping. Surprise, surprise she doesn't want to go in the cart. I said okay but told her she had to hold my hand. That lasted about all of two minutes until she was like: "Mama..I walk by myself." I said "Okay but you have to stay with me." Of course in her sweet little voice she says "Okay mommy."

She slowly followed me for a while, being good except for the fact that it was taking FOREVER to get through the store. Then we got to the seasonal department and she was intrigued by the outdoor toys. I tried to keep her moving along and she kept saying "just give me one more second mama." I did give her 30 seconds or so the first few times she did this but it was always "just one more second."

I tried bribing her with snacks to get her in the cart but she wasn't having that this trip. Nope, she just insisted on strolling along and putting the strangest items for a toddler in our cart. I tried to dump them secretly as we went along but all of a sudden she would remember the tupperware she put in the cart 5 aisles ago and want to hold it and i would need to pretend I didn't know what happened to it.

After about an hour in the store my patience was running thin. She refused to move on to the next area of the store I needed to go to. So I physically had to pick her up as she screamed "Don't take me!" "Don't put me in YOUR cart!" "Ahhh! Ahhh! Leave me!" I am pretty sure everyone passing by thought I was abducting her. I pushed her along as she screamed and sobbed and getting disgusted looks from strangers like get control of your child. Wish it was that easy people, wish it was that easy.

I told her that if she didn't knock it off, she would need to go in time out when we got home and then she started screaming: "Don't punish me! Don't!" So if they didn't think I was abducting her, they definitely though I was beating her. I am now that person, the person I used to look at in disgust with the out of control child.

After almost two hours in Target and $200 later, I come home at my wits end and without the cat food I initially needed. Good times...Good times....

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cara Maria & CT Please Come Back To Us

I am so heated after tonight's episode of MTV's The Challenge Free Agents that I needed to vent and what better place to do that than here. The episode started on such a high note when Cara Maria was told she could stay if she choose to do so and of course my girl did just that. And what was even better was the fact that CT basically volunteered to be on her team knowing her hand could be a big disadvantage in the challenge. Is it just me or is CT so much mellower this season? He was always one of my faves but this season he totally earned my respect.

Anyways, considering their huge disadvantage CT & Cara managed to come in third. This kept them out off the draw but left them vunerable to be voted in elimnation by Bananas and Nany. Which is exactly what happened. ARGH!!! My two faves could possibly go home and I am pissed and upset.

It was between CT and Zack for the guys and this was just going to suck either way. I had so much respect for CT when Bananas and Nany asked to talk to him and he refused to kiss their ass. And he seemed pissed that they were most likely going to put Cara in as well. They better watch out because CT will most likely win the elimination round and he is going to come gunning for those two as he should. Not so much for putting him in but for putting Cara Maria in.

For the girls it was between Cara Maria and Teresa. In my brain, this was a no brainer. Cara Maria has been in three elimination rounds and just broke her hand. Give the girl a f-in break! She did the previous day's challenge with no complaints and you know she had to be hurting. Bananas and Nany you both just looked pure evil in your decision, especially Nany. You kind of expect that kind of d*ck move from Bananas but Nany initially acts like she feels all bad for Cara and votes Teresa. Then, TJ tells them if they don't decide the two of them will go in the elimination. And it was all in Nany's hands when TJ asks for her new decision first. Hello?!! Bananas doesn't want to go into the elimination so if you said Teresa he would have had no choice but to change his vote. But instead Nany looks like a heartless b*tch and changes her vote to Cara. Seriously girl?! Seriously?!

For those of you who may say they were just playing the game. Okay, I get that but Cara is now at a huge disadvantage so wouldn't you want to go against her in the finals knowing her hand will hold her back even if just slightly?! "Playing the game" would have been keeping her around.

Then to make matters worse MTV makes this a to be continued episode so I need to wait a week to see what happens...GRRRR!!! I truly hope Cara Maria & CT come back with a vengeance and go on to win the whole thing. I know things don't look good for Cara but I have faith in my little engine that could. xoxo

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Humpday Confessions

Vodka and Soda

I think I will give some random little confessions today. What better way to start humpday than getting a few things off my chest.

*Sometimes I bribe my daughter. Like yesterday it was so hot and muggy and she refused to come in the house and I had enough of the heat so I asked if she wanted to come inside and eat chips with mommy. Bad mama, bad!

*I care about my blog stats. I know I shouldn't but I get a little sad on the days you peeps go missing. I want to put all your little faces on a milk carton.

*I don't own a bathing suit. I was self conscious in a bathing suit when I was skinny so I definitely wouldn't be caught dead in one now. I know I need to get over it and stop being so vain but I just can't do it. Sorry!

*I honestly think I would contemplate having a threesome with Daenerys and Drogo from Game of Thrones. Like hello?! I am sure some of my fellow GOT fans can back me up here or am I the only freak in the group.

*I talk to myself a lot. Especially on long car rides. But I pretend I am being interviewed for Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People of 2014. I talk about some magnificent fake life I have and how I came from nothing, etc.etc.....Yeah.......Quite sad......

So please tell me I am not the only loser who does some of things?! And do you have any weird confessions for me?! xoxo

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Writer's Block Isn't The Problem & A Giveaway!!

Another dreary day here on Long Island. Cloudy and muggy. Blaaaah....I actually have a few really great post ideas but my daughter seriously won't let me on the computer for more than like 5 minutes without literally grabbing my arm and pulling me from the computer. Or if I refuse to move the little "terrible 2er" will just power it off. Fun times!

I really never seem to have writer's block. I have a journal full of great ideas but finding the time to write these posts to the caliber I want is the hard part. I need to work on setting aside a night or two a week to work on these brilliant ideas. The other problem is once I get them written I need to take or find perfect photos to go along with the post. We all know the photos are just as important as the written content. Blogging is some hard work, huh?! I do promise to have a better post for you tomorrow.

BUT to make up for that sh*tty little post above I have a fabulous giveaway for you all to celebrate Danielle from Miss Glam Dan's birthday. Make sure to enter below and good luck!!! xoxo

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Monday, June 9, 2014

I Take It Back

This past winter was quite brutal with a lot of snow. We all kept wishing for summer and the beach and now that it's here, I cannot wait for fall. Today was hot as ballz and I am over it already. Okay so maybe it seemed worse than it actually was because I was at a birthday party with Liv and it was in a backyard with almost no shade. Chasing a toddler in 80 degree weather with high humidity for about 3 hours or so is not fun and made me get over the summer real quick. I may feel differently kicking back at the beach with a cold drink but as far as today goes, I am over summer before it has officially began. Why can't it be 70 degrees year round? That would make me one happy camper.

Anyways, I had a mini photo session yesterday with my sis in law for one of my new tutu designs in my shop, Oh So Pretty Designs. Here are a few of my fave photos. Not bad for literally just taking 5 minutes to snap a few quickies.

Anyway, how was your weekend?! And are you a fan of the heat or do you get over it as quickly as me? xoxo

Friday, June 6, 2014

You Get What You Give

You get what you give...Simple concept that can be applied to every aspect of your life but so many times we forget this. If you are a blogger who reads and comments on many blogs, bloggers will then find you. If you are a student and spend lots of time studying and doing your work, you get good grades. If you are self employed and are disciplined and put the time and hard work in, you will be successful. If you do good deeds for others, you have good karma. If you eat well and regularly workout you will be healthier. And on and on...

I think people tend to forget about this simple phrase because sometimes the rewards take some time to appear but will eventually come. Are there always a few exceptions, unfortunately yes but most of the time you get what you deserve. If you are working your booty off on your blog will you have a 1000 views overnight? No. But you will see a steady increase even if it is small. If you start a diet and workout routine you won't be skinny overnight but you will steadily be getting healthier. On the other side of things, if you are a nasty, miserable person, you will eventually lose friends and only have other miserable people to be around. You get what you give.

So if you aren't getting what you deserve or want, take a look at your actions. Are you truly putting the work in or are you acting how you want others to act? Be honest with yourself. Sometimes it is hard to admit we aren't doing all we can but we do have the power to change that and in turn things will change for us. Nothing changes if nothing changes. I think we all need this reminder once in a while, myself included. xoxo

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Humpday Confessions & $100 Victoria's Secret Giveaway

So I have been hearing so many great things about Kathy at Vodka and Soda that I finally checked her out and I am in love. Not to mention, this fabulous linkup she hosts that I MUST be a part of, the Humpday Confessions.

Vodka and Soda

What would I like to confess?! Well, I used to be a huge Kardashian fan. I'd watch all the shows religiously but kind of fell off that bandwagon a year or so ago. I even got sick of them and I am a fan. I always hated when people are like they are rich and famous for no reason. In a way but not in a way, they work hard, have several businesses, TV shows, are spokesmodels, etc., etc. I am sure any one of us would love to attain that. But I've gone on a tangent....

Back to the point. They just opened a DASH in the Hamptons!! Only about 45 minutes from me. AND...they are currently filming Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons. So that means I am going to their store next week to totally try and stalk them. I do realize the chances of them being there is slim to none but I am not afraid to bribe one of the salesgirls to tell me when they are expected in store. I will meet them and shower them with my jewelry designs and they will start to carry my stuff in store and I will make it big!! I know I need to get a grip but a girl can dream, right?! I'd really just settle for a photo even though I think we can all be besties for life....ahhhh....

So why we are on the whole "hump" day thing, how about a $100 giftcard to Victoria's Secret for some humping pretties or a bathing suit?! Whatever your pleasure!! Super excited to be a part of this giveaway. Enter below and good luck!! xoxo

may giveaway
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Monday, June 2, 2014

My May Whimseybox: Making Paper Flowers

Hey y'all! Hope you had a great weekend!! A few months ago I signed up for Whimseybox, a monthly craft subscription. Basically, each month you get a box of craft supplies to create that months project. So far I received a kit to make hand scrub and lotion, a calligraphy kit and this month was a paper flower making kit. I got my mom a subscription for Mother's Day so it was exciting when we both got this month's box. My mom and I attempted to make our project on Friday.

This project was rated Beginner/Intermediate and let me tell you it wasn't that easy. It was actually quite tedious and took both of us several times reading the directions for us to grasp the concept of making some of these flowers. We were working on it for at least two hours and only managed to complete two flowers each. Yikes! And we are both pretty avid crafters. Something about this particular craft wasn't that easy for us. We had a good time trying to figure out what the heck we were doing but still need to go back and make some more flowers to have a completed project. Here'r a little photo reel of our valiant attempt at making paper flowers.

Our Whimseyboxes. We each had a different color scheme.
My mom trying to make sense of it all.
A fallen flower.
Smelling my paper flowers...Oh wait!
Mom proud of her two creations
All in all we had a blast but my ideas of grandeur and making a paper flower company that makes  party favors is definitely in the gutter after how long it took me to make two mediocre looking flowers. But it's all about the experience and Whimseybox gave me and my mom some laughs to last a lifetime.

My subscription is actually up but I am going to sign back up in hopes of getting some jewelry making kits soon. That's definitely my strength!! Fingers crossed!! If you are interested in signing up for Whimseybox or making your own attempt at these paper flowers you can do both on their website here. xoxo