Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year Giveaway

It's that time of year when we all start making New Year's resolutions to try to lose weight or simply just get healthy. As a Happy New Year's gift to you, my co-hosts and I wanted to do a giveaway with prizes that will help you keep those resolutions you make! We have teamed up to give away a FitBit Flex and a $25 e-gift card to Lululemon!
In case you don't know what a FitBit Flex is, you can learn more at The Flex is an activity tracker that tracks your steps, distance, caloric intake and output, as well as your active minutes and sleep. It's also waterproof so you don't have to take it off to shower or swim, and it syncs wirelessly in real time with your smart phone. The Flex has a silent alarm that wakes you up with light vibrations on your wrist, which is a much gentler way to wake up than a buzzing alarm clock, not to mention it won't wake up your partner. Additionally it syncs with numerous health apps you may already be using, including My Fitness Pal and Gym Pact. It lets you set your own goals, or you can use FitBit's recommended goals if you have no idea where to start. The Flex is extremely easy to use, as are the app and website. You can also link up with all your friends who also have FitBits and encourage each other to be more active. Lastly, the FitBit Flex is small, and really blends in as a bracelet when you wear it. The one we are giving away comes in black, but you can buy more bands in seven other colors on their site for $14, so have no fear, it can also be a great accessory. It really is an amazing device and I am so glad I got mine back in July.

For the second prize, we have a $20 gift card to Lululemon so you can get the perfect workout outfit. Need I say more? Who doesn't love this brand? 

Be sure to visit your giveaway hosts and enter below! Good Luck & Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Best Natural Light Holiday Photography 2013

I don't feel I share as much as my photography as I should so for that reason I am sharing some of my fave natural light holiday photos from this season. Hope you enjoy!!

I am really critical of my work but looking back at this small compilation of this year's holiday photos I cannot help but be proud of my work. Looking forward to all the great things I have planned for 2014.

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Friday, December 27, 2013

A Quick Christmas Review

I know this is a day late but I had to spend yesterday recouping from all the Christmas craziness. But I have very exciting news!! Olivia wore her Christmas dress on Christmas Eve!!! It was truly a Christmas miracle.

Doesn't she look pretty?!

We had a great time at my mom's and enjoyed being silly with a photo prop kit I found at Target months ago. Evidence below.


My sis and her man

My parents

The hubby and I

Christmas day my hubby's family decided to do an ugly sweater party and I have to say the look suited us quite well. Haha.

Rockin' our sweaters

Olivia got a tricycle along with many other things from Santa. Her reactions were priceless. This is such a fun age!!

 Such a fun Christmas! It truly made me so happy to see my girl having so much fun.

Me and my girl

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

That photo above is a real gem, huh?! That was my sister and my attempt to get a photo of the grandkids for our parents. Just wasn't in the cards for this year. We had to keep Liv in the highchair to keep her from running away. My nephew was so good but my girl was not feeling photos. I was quite upset that day because I really wanted to get just one nice photo of the two of them together. But now a few weeks later, I can't help but laugh aloud while looking at this. Guaranteed we will remember this photo for years to come as opposed to a photo of them sitting like perfect angels.

This photo is going to help me remember what is truly important this holiday season and not worry about things going perfectly to plan. I am sure there is going to be some craziness (planned and unplanned) tonight and tomorrow but I am just going to take it all in and simply smile.

My big worry is that Olivia won't put on her Christmas dress tonight because she just is not a fan of dresses lately, especially frilly ones. We had a HUGE issue on Thanksgiving with her putting on her dress. It made us late to dinner and I was so frazzled. It really upset me. I am not going to let that happen tonight. I will try my hardest to get her to wear her dress but if she ends up in sweatpants and a festive tee, I am not going to sweat it. It will be just another memory to look back and laugh on. I am going to enjoy tonight and not worry about what my daughter is wearing. (I will share photos in my next post so you can all see how it went. haha)

Well, I truly wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!! I appreciate my followers so much!! Much love!! Talk to you soon! xoxo

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Caption This!

Hey hey hey! I feel like I have had a few Debbie Downer posts in the last week or so, so I decided to keep this post light and silly. Below is one of my daughter's Christmas gifts and all inappropriate thoughts come to mind. Is it as funny as I think or do I just have a really sick mind?

 So....I want YOU to caption this! We can all use some laughs...

My caption: Dir..Dir..Dir..ty..Dora!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Am I A Scrooge?!

Hello! I feel horrible admitting this but I cannot wait for the holidays to be over.  I am just not up to the craziness this year. It has been quite exhausting especially with a toddler in tow. Not to mention the mental exhaustion from all the bad things that have happened this month.

Not only did my hubby get laid off this month but one of my best friend's passed away as well. Without going into too many details, I know my husband will find a job right away, he already has many leads and a possible offer. But it is worrisome thinking of how we will be without insurance for at least 2 months, which also means I can kiss my thoughts of trying to get pregnant goodbye, at least for now. Don't get me wrong, we can be worse off in this arena but I am a worrier and I am worried.  Fast forward about two weeks and one of my best friend's lost her long battle with cancer. I am emotionally at the end of my rope.

Plus, my businesses have been super busy with the holidays. Being that I am self employed there is no calling out sick for a mental health day. I have been editing tons of holiday photos and making tons of jewelry to fulfill orders on my Etsy site. I am truly grateful but I need a break. 

Needless to say, I haven't really been in the holiday spirit. I still have Christmas shopping to do, gifts to make, work to finish and the list goes on. I don't have the money to shop but there are many who we want to give to for helping us throughout the year. This upsets me. I just want it all to be over and start fresh in 2014.

Sorry guys...END RANT...

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Photos On The Beach

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was good but a bit crazy but I guess it wouldn't be the holiday season without some craziness. Because of this mayhem I haven't gotten to share some Christmas photos I took of Olivia on the beach last Thursday.

This was actually my third attempt at Olivia's photos. They didn't come out bad the last two attempts but the photographer in me was seeking perfection with that perfect smile. Still no smile but I think I captured some pretty amazing images. Not to mention it was about 20 degrees and windy so all of these were taken in about 5 minutes. What do you think?!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

At Least I Have A Pretty Face (I Hope)

Good afternoon all my bloggy peeps!! It's snowing here on Long Island but unfortunately my daughter wouldn't cooperate so no super cool snow photographs. Boo! Anyways, today I have a gripe. A gripe with all those perfect, pretty, petite fashion bloggers. I hate you and all your perfect fashion photographs. Okay, no I really don't, I'm just jealous. 

I used to be really skinny, okay never like twig skinny but like a size 4/6 and then it all went down hill about 4 years ago. I lost my best friend and found comfort in food, then I had a back injury (so exercise was out of the question for a while), then I got prego and then had the baby and never really lost the weight. I know all of those are no excuses but life happened and now I am so not happy with my weight. I try to lose weight and lose 10 pounds here and there, on and off but I need to lose like 50lbs.

I used to be so trendy and everyone always loved what I wore. Now my idea of getting dressed is yoga pants and a tshirt or sweatshirt and sometimes when I am feeling really crazy I put jeans on. Thing is, I still love fashion and have fab ideas but unfortunately I am not the appropriate size to to pull off these outfits. This really depresses me. I keep saying once I lose the weight I will get cute clothing again but it's not happening, at least not quickly.

I think about going to Torrid and some other cute plus size stores and buying stuff but I feel like that means I am giving up on losing weight. But I don't know how much longer I go on feeling like I look like a sloth. Plus, I am working on fully developing my jewelry designs and it would be nice to be able to be the face of my own brand. 

Such a daily struggle especially because I know what it feels like to be thin, stylish and envied but now I'm just the girl "who has a pretty face." F you! Why can't I just be pretty!


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Sunday, December 8, 2013

$5 Rose Earring Sale!!

I am super excited to announce a fabulous sale that is going on in my Etsy shop: Hole In Her Stocking , the $5 Rose Earring sale!!! These earrings are so fabulous and pretty and make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers. Added bonus: when you buy 3 pairs, you get 1 FREE!!! Stock up on those gifts!!! Each pair comes in a nice organza gift bag, ready to give as a gift! Currently available in 8 colors!!

Be sure to order yours today before they sell out!! No promo code needed: just order HERE ! If you are ordering 3 pairs, make sure you put color wanted for your FREE pair in notes to seller. This is 4 holiday gifts for ONLY $15!! Cannot beat that!! Happy shopping!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Why Alex and Sierra Must Win X-Factor

Okay so my favorite X-Factor contestants right from their very first audition has been Alex and Sierra. Are they the best singers this season? No, probably not but there's a list of reasons to love them and here they are.

1 - Cutest couple ever! They genuinely seem so in love and it's too adorable the way Alex tries to cheer Sierra up when she seems upset or stressed. They way they look at each other can make anyone's heart melt.

2 - Such a cool and unique sound. As I mentioned before they may not be the best vocalists in the competition but they are still pretty darn amazing vocalists and musicians.  I always feel that sometimes the better vocalists are a bit dated in song choice but these two are current and fresh and constantly putting a cool spin on everything.

3 - Sierra is always so nervous, it's endearing. This girl has nothing to be nervous about but she's still shaking every time she goes up on stage. Even with the nerves she manages to deliver every week. It makes her seem human and really relatable.

4 - No gimmicks. Most of, if not all of their performances just consist of them performing. No distracting background dancers or stage spectacles. They can hold their own without all the hullabaloo.

5 - They are sexy as hell. Both of them are gorgeous but not in a "in your face" sort of way. They have they perfect balance of being sweet and adorable but you still feel attracted to them.

6 - You want to be their friends. I would love to be friends with them and I can actually picture them being in my circle of friends. This is part of the reason America loves them, they seem like a normal couple but they are just SUPER talented.

I truly hope they win the X-Factor because there is a place in the market for them. There is nobody like them right now. Although, there is no doubt in my mind that if they go home early, they will still be signed. I just cannot wait to buy their first single and see them in concert!