Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Help Jenny O Studios Be The Best!

Hello friends!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!! I wanted to share some of my photography with you. I haven't been doing that as much as I would like so why not start now?! I finally had an opportunity last week to get a little session in with my daughter and here are a few of my favorite images.

Now I need your help..I am trying to get nominated for Long Island's Best of the Best  for best photography studio. You just have to click here and next to photography studio type: Jenny O Studios (East Patchogue, NY). Words cannot express how grateful I would be if that could be done for me! Thanks loves!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I Don't Love (And Something I do..)

Let's see..what am I not loving this week? This week's edition for me is somewhat superficial but hey sometimes little things can really irk you..

1- Why is getting lunch from a deli so damn expensive?! The other day I got a bologna on a roll (plain with nothing else on it), a small bag of chips and a small bottle of Pepsi and it cost me almost $11!! I knew going to the deli that is was going to be expensive but what really angered me is that when I got back to work, whoever made the sandwich did it in such a way that there was only bologna in the middle and the outside was all bread. Really?! $11 for that! Ugh!

2- Okay so why do retail establishments insist on having one register open when there are other employees standing around?! I was at a dollar store yesterday and the line was like 10 people deep and they didn't open another register and because it was a dollar store everyone had a million things to buy! Good thing I was semi patient because usually I would just leave and forget about buying the stuff. I know, I know I need to work on my patience. So aggravating though!

3- Teachers complaining on Facebook (and everywhere) about their summer vacation ending. Teachers, please take note, nobody feels bad for you except other teachers. We all get a measly 2-3 weeks vacation for the entire year so the common folk do not feel bad that your 8 week + vacation is ending. Suck it up! Love you guys! ;)

Well enough complaining...Here's my daughter "ROAR"ing!! Love my little crazy girl!! xo

Love this girl!
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Enjoying Summer!

Where have I been you might ask?! Just trying to enjoy every bit of summer before it ends all too soon. June and July was consumed with our move. After living in the same place for 9 years we had our work cut out for us so every free moment was devoted to cleaning, sorting, packing and then unpacking and organizing. So I made it my mission to enjoy August!

We have been hitting up the beach a lot and I am super stoked that Olivia enjoys running through the shallow water. She is so much fun to go to the beach with and keeps me entertained the entire trip.

Me and my girl

Finally getting used to getting her toes "dirty"

Marching through the water with Daddy and Aunt Lisey

Splashing in the water

This past weekend we changed it up a bit and decided to go to the Bronx Zoo. We had a great time! Olivia enjoyed seeing all the animals and the new dinosaur safari!

Enjoying some lunch at the zoo

Besides all the fun I have been having my photography business has been booming! I have had sessions every day this past week. Needless to say, I have been quite busy editing. I will be sharing photos from those sessions with you later in the week. I hope you have been enjoying August as much as I.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

My New Jewelry Go To: Favery

I was extremely excited when I learned I was chosen for Brandbacker's  campaign for Favery.  They carry the most amazing jewelry and it all seems to be "my style." My excitement was compounded when I received this package in the mail.

I am opened the box to discover the most beautiful piano wire infinity silver star bracelet set.  It was like they were my best friend, knowing that I love layering bracelets and am obsessed with stars. I have been wearing this bracelet everyday since.

Super Fabulous!

These bracelets can go with anything from a casual jean and tshirt look to looking great with a little black dress.  Their versatility is great! I decided to pair them with a look that falls somewhere in the middle.

Gosh! I love this bracelet set!
They look great with a black and white ensemble

So here's the good news!! You can enter to win your own set of star infinity bracelets!! All you have to do is click here and sign up for this site of fabulous jewelry! You will then be automatically entered to win your own set of bracelets.  Winner will be chosen on August 23rd so delay in checking out Favery!!!!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 Reasons to Buy a Pair of LUVs

For those of you who don't know already, Olivia and I am are ambassadors for LUV footwear and we love our dream flats!! Check out their website to order a pair for your daughter or yourself. You will not regret doing so. To prove that point here are 10 reasons you should try a pair of LUVs:

1-They are super cute and super trendy.

2-Extremely comfortable!

3-They can double as everyday flats and water shoes.

4-Perfect for vacation.

5-They are washable!!

6-They have awesome ambassadors (like me!) who get to spread love with a pair of LUVs each month.

7-They are perfect for toddlers at the beach who are afraid to touch their toes to the sand!

8-Orders ship within 48 hours!!

9-LUV cares about giving back to the community.

10-If you order today you get 20% OFF your order with coupon code: JOLUV20


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Finally! Funky Fresh Accessories For Men

I was excited when I was chosen from Brandbacker to help promote the launch of Wits and Beaux kickstarter campaign.  They started revolutionizing fashion for men with their bold, colorful, statement socks and now need our help to expand their fabulous company. They hope to find success with all men's accessories like ties, belts and watches.

You definitely have to check out the Wits and Beaux kickstarter page and read all about their vision for the future. If their men's accessories excite you as much as it excites my hubby and I you can donate anything from $1 and up to help make their dream become a reality. 

As you can see from the photo above the right socks can transform simple jeans and sneakers to a trendy look that will have you envied by many. If you or your man loves to make a statement you can currently purchase their socks here. 

The fabulous socks my hubby gets to try!
 Well, I hope you take the time to look into this great company! And stay tuned for a future post with my husband modeling all his new socks!!!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pretty Mommies Giveaway

Pretty Mommies is the #1 physician recommended maternity skin care line on the market.
Pretty Mommies Mom and Baby
Although it's aimed at those who are pregnant or nursing - it's natural, safe, skin care that's great for ANYONE - men included!.
It's a simple three step system - Cleanser, Skin Brightener, and Sunscreen - it'll cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, brighten, soothe, provide high levels of antioxidants and anti-aging properties, as well as, physical broad spectrum sun protection. If you're curious about how these products work, be sure to check out the review on According to Jenny.
Pretty Mommies Products
There are lots of new things happening at Pretty Mommies. If you're a Zulily fan then you might have noticed them pop up there this past week! Not only are they now reaching their target audience online, you might also see Pretty Mommies in your OBGYN's or Midwifes office. And if you're in China - you can now get Pretty Mommies there, too!
Pretty Mommies Girl
Pretty Mommies feels so deeply about educating women on the importance of safe maternity skin care that they've created a campaign on to raise awareness of this important issue. You'll also soon find them offering up educational resources on and they support an open forum for Q&A for anyone who has questions about skin care during pregnancy, nursing - or just in general.
To celebrate all these new and exciting events (and their newly redesigned website) Pretty Mommies has partnered with the Blogging Mamas Network to answer your questions about safe skin care and giveaway LOTS of Pretty Mommies products!
Pretty Mommies Giveaway August2013
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The Blogging Mamas Network and participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Participating bloggers did not receive compensation for this post, although they may be eligible for a reward upon completion.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Super Summer Prize Giveaway

Get outside and enjoy the summer with some cool new gear for you little one, perfect for going on walks, taking snacks on the go, and adding a little d├ęcor to your life!

Super Summer Prize Package:

  • Yummi Pouch - Little Munchkin Set with Yummi Pouch Brights. ($29 value)
  • Luca & Company - Chocolate Chip Cookies or Pink Lemon Aid Artwork ($90 value)
  • Sticky Bellies - $25 gift certificate
  • Mixie Baby - 8oz Mixie Bottle ($19.99 value)
  • SVAN - Totseat portable child seat ($35 value)
  • Greater Than One Kids - Hold-On Handles - Bumblebee Single Handle Set ($19.99 value)
  • Simple Nature - 8 fl oz Fragrance Free Diaper Rash Cream, 8 fl oz Fragrance Free all in one Shampoo & Body Wash, 8 fl oz Fragrance Free Face & Body Lotion ($35.47 value)

Total Value = $255

Yummi Pouch - Reusable Food Pouches

Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches little munchkin set giveaway
Little Munchkin Set - Retail Price: $28.95
The Little Munchkin set has everything you need to get started with using Yummi Pouches! Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches are perfect for filling with homemade baby food, blended snacks, healthy smoothies, and more. Designed by a husband a wife team, Yummi Pouches are dishwasher and freezer safe, BPA-free, phthalate-free, easy to fill and clean through the wide zipper opening, and encourage healthy snacks for active kids! For more information visit
  • Set of 4 Yummi Pouch Brights reusable food pouches - hold up to 6oz each
  • 16oz filling funnel pitcher
  • 10 dishwasher safe name label stickers
  • 2 decorative dishwasher safe sticker sheets
  • 6 mixed color extra pouch caps

Luca & Company

Luca and Company art
Chocolate Chip Cookies or Pink Lemon Aid artwork - Retail Price: $90.00
Luca and Company makers of the multi-award winning FunPod which provides a safe environment to get toddlers from 12 months up to six years up to the kitchen worktop on their own safely constructed platform comes the Classic Recipe Collection. Choose from Chocolate Chip Cookies or Pink Lemon Aid artwork which is perfect for the family who loves to cook. This series is not only for children – these prints would be lovely in any kitchen. MSRP $90. For more information visit

Sticky Bellies

Sticky Bellies gift certificate
Sticky Bellies™ - $25 Gift Certificate
Invented by a mom, Sticky Bellies™ are removable stickers that help parents document baby's amazing growth with style and ease! By combining the look of a custom shirt with the convenience of a sticker, Sticky Bellies™ help create adorable pictures from pregnancy through the toddler years. Simply peel, stick, and snap a pic! 13 new styles will be available on September 1st. For more information visit

Mixie Baby

Mixie Baby 8oz bottle
8oz Mixie Bottle - Retail Price: $19.99
Mixie is the revolutionary formula bottle that allows you to fix a bottle now and mix it later. Powder formula is stored in an airtight container separately from water. When you are ready to feed, simple press the button at the bottom of the bottle to release the formula into the water, shake, and feed. Moms on the go will never again need to fumble around with formula containers in public, and a pre-mixed bottle is already ready when you need it. Mixie is great for caretakers and grandparents, travel, and those sleepy middle-of-the-night feedings. For more information visit


SVAN Totseat - portable child seat
Totseat - Retail Price: $35.00
Our newest seat for children is the original portable, washable, and "squashable" seat. Made of fabric, The Totseat is designed to safely attach to all types of chairs. Adult chairs can be quickly transformed into the perfect seat for a baby or toddler.
Available in 6 colors with a variety of patterns, The Totseat eliminates the need to hunt down a highchair when traveling. The Totseat is ready to go in its own carry pouch which fits neatly into your diaper bag, purse or other carry bag. For more information visit

Greater Than One Kids

Hold-On Handles
A Bumblebee Single Handle Set from the popular Bizzy Bugs collection - Retail Price: $19.99
Hold-On Handles from Greater Than One Kids helps keep children within arm’s reach without restraint. It is the first stylish stroller accessory and walking rope for 1-3 children. Snaps easily onto strollers or worn on parent’s wrist/belt loop. Children love the whimsical handles. Available in Double and Single Handle Sets in three fun themes, Bizzy Bugs, Ocean Odyssey and Zany Zoo.
Greater Than One Kids designs mom, baby, and kid products for growing families with greater than one child. As parents of multiples, company founders Susanne Budofsky and Robyn Spritzer experience first-hand the challenges parents of greater than one face each and every day. Although life may be challenging at times, with the proper gear, organizational tools, guidance, and a sense of humor, raising more than one child need not always be difficult. In fact, it can simply be greater! For more information visit

Simple Nature

Simple Nature natural face and body lotion
1 Fragrance Free Diaper Rash Cream
1 Fragrance Free all in one Shampoo & Body Wash
1 Fragrance Free Face & Body Lotion
Retail Price: $35.47
Simple Nature is a fresh new brand of truly all natural and certified organic baby care products that are stylish, effective, easy to use and totally free of harsh ingredients and toxins! Based out of Las Vegas NV, the brand was created by a licensed cosmetologist and skin expert who felt that children deserve only the best. Inspired by her daughter who has very sensitive skin, Simple Nature's founder created the most luxurious products available that are:
  • Dermatologist tested and approved
  • Fragrance free
  • pH balanced perfectly for newborn skin
  • Tear free
  • Soothing, gentle and non irritating
  • Does not contain synthetic fragrances or dyes
  • Does not contain scent masking agents
  • Biodegradable and Eco friendly
  • Does not conduct any animal testing
  • Completely free of toxins and harsh/irritating ingredients
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Vegan
  • Made in USA
For more information visit

Enter to Win $255 in Great Prizes!

One Winner will be selected August 19th. Good luck!
Super Summer Giveaway hosted by Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, August 9, 2013

New Moms: Don't Regret Not Doing This

Hi!! New moms are always looking for advice at least I know I was and still am for that matter.  Today I have a piece of lighthearted advice.  Invest about $10-$15 on baby monthly onsie stickers (you can find a HUGE variety on Etsy) and take a photograph of your little one each month for the first year. You can put together a simple collage like I did below and see the monthly transformation. It will boggle your mind.

Olivia's first year

These photos can also be used to create some pretty awesome decorations for your cherub's first birthday party. I made a banner of all the photographs for Olivia's party and all my guests loved it.  Doing this simple monthly task will document memories that will last and make you cry at how quick they grow up.

Olivia's birthday banner

So remember don't let your little ones 1 month birthday pass you by without snapping a photo!!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Things I Don't Love

What am I not loving this Thursday?! It is actually something that I am still quite mad about that happened last week.  But the thing, or should I say place, I am not loving is Old Navy in BayShore, NY and here is why. I decided to go shopping with my daughter and first stop was Michael's.  While in line to pay for my items, Olivia grabbed an adorable ladybug stuffed animal and fell in love with it.  Being the sucker that I am I bought it for her and we continued on our way.

We went to a few other stores and our last stop was Old Navy so I could spend a giftcard I had received for my birthday. We walked around, I tried on a few items and made my final purchase decision. When I had gotten up to the cashier to pay, another sales associate came up to me and snottily said "Are you going to pay for that?" referring to my daughter's ladybug stuffed animal. I quickly replied "I did. In Michael's." She proceeded to say with an attitude, "I didn't know they sold them there." Hello?! Yes, bit&% they sell them there is what I wanted to scream but I refrained and watched her walk away like she was letting me get away with something.  After my transaction was finished I expressed my annoyance to the cashier and she just chuckled and didn't say a word.

 I was seething when I walked out of the store. I wish I had my receipt in my purse so I could have thrown it in their faces but unfortunately I usually put my receipts in the bag and my Michael's bag was in my car. After I got back to my car I said "F this" and I grabbed my Michael's receipt, went back into Old Navy and demanded to speak to the store manager.

The cashier who previously laughed at me, tried feeding me some line that she was just about to tell them about what happened because she could see I was upset. Yeah right? You just know you're about to get called out so you're acting like a good employee. Needless to say the store manager apologized but I am still very unhappy with this Old Navy and the way the manager didn't call the nasty employee over to me to apologize. Shame on you Old Navy for not training your employees respect and not having efficient management.

Did I overreact? Maybe. But don't accuse me of theft with no basis and if you think it's a possibility check out your security tapes before pissing off an extremely good Old Navy customer. Would you have went back in with the receipt like me?  I just couldn't stand the fact that they were acting like they were letting me get away with something..ARGH!!!

The alleged stolen ladybug

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Medieval Times and Some Victors

Last night was awesome! We went to Medieval Times in NJ to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday and it couldn't have been a better idea.  They rented a party bus for the hour drive to NJ and then it was time to cheer for our knight!!

All sounded good in theory until our party bus showed up and informed us that the air conditioning wasn't working on the bus. Whaaaaaat?!! Are you kidding?!  It is the middle of the summer and this was not cool especially since two of the girls on the bus were pregnant.  The driver got it to go on and off but it made the ride rather unpleasant as opposed to the fun I thought the ride would be. I just sat back and drank my vodka and tried to make the best of it.

By the time we got to Medieval Times I was feeling quite "good" and I wasn't the only one. I felt bad when we bounced off the bus in a rowdy fashion and saw a bunch of kids, this was a family show after all so I would need to curb my tongue.  We decided to hit up the bar before we head to our seats and damn it was expensive.  It cost us $40 for two drinks!!! But we did get some awesome souvenir mugs.

I have to say I was quite impressed that once we got to our seats the food and drink came out quickly and there never seemed to be a wait to have food in front of you.  It was a well run assembly line of food. We got soup, garlic bread, chicken, ribs, potato and a pastry.  And I was shocked at how good the food was. I devoured my chicken! 

The show itself was entertaining although I thought it was a it cheesy at times.  The reactions to "injury" seemed a bit delayed in many instances. I don't know if I am being overly critical because I took stage combat in college but nonetheless I am sure children wouldn't find it as corny as I did. Our knight was the "black and white" knight and he was a playboy wannabe, shaking his long blonde hair towards the crowd but that didn't do him any good in the fighting arena because he was one of the first one's eliminated.  Booooo!!! I would love to go again and have my knight kick some serious booty! 

 Although our knight was not victorious last night two of my readers are about to be extremely victorious. Time to announce two winners!!! First the winner of the pair of LUV dream flats is: Emillie Rose.  Secondly the winner of my birthday giveaway for a $50 Etsy giftcard is : Erin T. Both winners were just contacted via email. Thanks to all that entered!!!! 

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