Monday, April 22, 2013

The Importance Of Style In Your Family Photoshoot

As many of you know already I am a photographer. I photograph a lot of newborns but I do a lot of family photo sessions as well. I love capturing special family moments that will be cherished a lifetime. After booking your photo session it is so important to think of how you want to style your family. It will largely impact the overall look of your pictures. Don't get me wrong picking a great photographer and dynamic location are extremely important in getting the shots you want but so many people don't put as much effort into choosing the family's wardrobe and they should.

It is not necessary to be completely matchy matchy but coordination and an underlying color and/or theme is definitely important in creating a cohesive image. Here are two examples of families that had a great fashion sense for their family portraits.

Both families did an excellent job of creating a coordinated look but without having to be wearing the exact same thing.  In the top photograph every member of the family is wearing a different bright and fun spring color but all the colors look great together and they created some bright photographs. In the other photograph the girls all wore white and their brother wore grey. Even though, the girls all choose white their outfits are completely different but still go well together.

Before getting your family portraits done I suggest talking with your whole family to see what everyone feels comfortable wearing and talk about the complete vision everyone has for the portraits. Once this discussion is had choosing everyone's outfits should become a bit easier.


  1. I agree with you for sure! Both families look great.. I try to do the same with my family.
    Ashley Sifers