Sunday, January 13, 2013

Framing the Perfect Shot

I am happy that I had two very successful photoshoots this past week.  They were fun while managing to capture good images. I had seen a portrait on Pinterest that I absolutely loved and I had been dying to try the concept. You can see the image below.
Photo found on Pinterest

My first shoot of the week was for TJ's 2nd birthday photos. He was full of energy and really enjoyed running around the Bayard Cutting Arboretum in Oakdale. We got some fabulous photos but it was a little difficult to get him to stay in place for my idea of the "perfect" shot for this particular idea. I knew going into this shoot, this idea would be hard to execute but I was pleasantly surprised and happy with this candid action shot.
TJ running for the balloons

Now for my second shoot of the week, I had the pleasure of taking photographs of brother and sister, Francesca and James. We put together this session to surprise their mom with the photographs for her birthday. Shhhh....She still doesn't know about it. ;) I, again, tried this concept, which was a lot easier with two adults. I am pleased with the outcome and hope everyone loves it as much as I.
Fran & James!
Well, I love both my images and look forward to experimenting with this idea in the future. When the weather gets warmer I definitely plan on hitting up the beach with some frames!

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