Saturday, January 26, 2013

Owl Vs. Octopi

I had the pleasure of coming across and contacting a great Etsy shop this past week, Owl Vs. Octopi. As if the name isn't intriguing enough, they have a unique and varied shop. I especially loved all of their Valentine's Day items. Gosh, I cannot believe that is right around the corner.

So I contacted the owners/creators, Carrie and Cher and learned some interesting info including how they came up with the name for their shop. I think this is so clever so I will quote Carrie directly: "The origin of our store name came from a conversation Cher and I were having while attending a craft fair...we saw a bunch of owl items and octopi items and I said, "If an owl and an octopus had a fight, who would win?" And that was it...we became Owl vs Octopi. I am the owl and Cher is the octopus (but wants to be octopi because of her multi-faceted personaity.)"

There is much more to these two ladies than having a shop with a cool name.  They like to upcycle, reuse, repurpose and recycle.  They are inspired by things they come across in this world and think "I can make that." They have also decided to embark on a 52/25 project - A Repurpose Driven Life for 2013. They will not be buying any new clothes this year and only shop thrift stores, garage sales, etc. This is a fabulous idea, although I don't know if I am as strong as them with being able to hold out for a full year.

These ladies also have a great web series called "Glitter Glue and Gluttony," where they craft, snack and cocktail. It was nominated as best web series of 2012 by LA weekly so you'll definitely want to check these ladies out. Here are the links: web series , blog , and Facebook Page.

Think I need this pendant - check it out in their shop!