Monday, November 18, 2013

Why So Serious??!

My little girl is silly and fun loving. She smiles a lot. An all around happy kid. Then why can hardly ever seem to get a good photograph of her smiling?! In our own photo sessions she's usually happy but the problem is maybe she's too happy.  Because she can't sit still. She'll flash me a quick smile and run off or smile looking in the opposite direction I need her to.  It's frustrating!!! And I am a photographer but maybe that is why it is so frustrating.  I feel I should have fabulous photos of her smiling  but they are limited.

All that being said I attempted Olivia's outdoor holiday photos the other day and I got some beautiful photos but again, no huge smiles. Child, I know you know how to smile, do it!!!!!! But here are a few shots for you to see.

The bottom one we got a smirk so I guess that's good. Haha. She's still not even two so I am hoping by next year she will understand the concept of smiling  big for photos. Until then, I guess these will have to do.

 photo dancinsig.png