Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Selfie Confessions

Selfies: Gorgeous photos one takes of themselves. Okay so maybe only like 1 in 50 is presentable at least for me. That is my confession: for every fabulous photo one sees of me there are at least 20 awful or goofy ones. My phone is chocked full of selfies and almost all of them look horrific, kind of like these gems below.

My other selfie confession is that every time my hair and makeup is actually done I find the need to take a selfie. It doesn't happen too often so I need to document that it even happened. So if you don't see any photos of me for a while you know I am just chilling in my PJS with thrown up hair and with blotchy makeupless face for days on end. Rock on! xoxo


  1. Gurl. I'm the SAME way with taking selfies when I do my hair and makeup... for the same reason as you - it's RARE! hahahaha

  2. Selfie galore!! Yeah, I feel the same way about when I have make up on. It must be documented. Half the time I don't even post it and then just delete it later though!!