Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What I Want To Do For Mother's Day

What do I want to do for Mother's Day? NOTHING. You read that right, absolutely nothing. I don't want to have to shower and find clothes that look decent on me, argue with my three year old to get dressed and have to rush everyone and be the bad guy because I am the only one who seems to be running on time. It's all the daily grind stress that I don't want. For one day, I want to be able to sit still and just be.

In actuality we will be having a BBQ at my house for family and my husband swears he will do all the work and he's a great guy and I'm sure he'll try but inevitably I'll be needing to cater to guests as well. I'll also need to clean for this shindig. I'm messy especially working from home and having to have the place in good shape for Sunday means a very stressful Saturday for me. I'll need to be showered and dressed and argue with Liv to do the same. Don't get me wrong, this is a better solution than going out for me and then racing to see Joe's mom as well and also having to worry about what we are doing with my dad but it still won't be relaxing. I'm sure it will be fun, it always is but once again it won't really be about me having time to relax.

All I want to do is sit home in pajamas, not need to cater to my daughter and dad and just watch movies and eat junk food all day and not need to worry about another soul. Just have a mindless, relaxing, stress free day. Is that too much to ask? Oh wait, I'm a mom so yes it is. Happy Mother's Day to me......xoxo


  1. I'm sorry you didn't get to spend the day exactly as you wanted, but I hope it was still lovely.