Monday, May 4, 2015

Unspoken - Cain Talent's 2015 Disability Film Challenge Entry

Cain Talent recently participated in The Disability Film Challenge with their short film "Unspoken." The film challenge's purpose was to give disabled film makers exposure and lets their stories be told.

When I first watched Cain Talent's entry I didn't know anything about the rules and vaguely knew that the theme had something to do with disabilities. As I watched "Unspoken" I found myself thinking "I thought this was supposed to be about someone with a disability." It wasn't until the very end that it was revealed that the object of the young boy's affection was actually deaf.

I thought this was brilliantly thought out because the film appeared to be about young love, which it was, but it also showed misunderstanding that we learn was due to this young girls' disability. The fact that this piece of information wasn't told right away really shows how so many times there may be a miscommunication due to something that may not be understood right away. We all need to truly try and comprehend a situation before jumping to conclusions.

The boy played by Isaac Galizio and the deaf girl played by Lilianna LaVirtu did a great job bringing me back to childhood and the years of young crushes. Aiden Markowitz as the voice of the young boy narrating the film, did a good job conveying the boy's innocent frustration in trying to win the young girl's attention.

This short film certainly put a smile on my face and made me excited to see future shorts by Cain Talent Short Films. You can check it out below!!


  1. Sounds like a cool little film. I'll have to watch it later. Thanks!

  2. Loved that! How sweet.....what a great message for everyone.... Not everything needs to be spoken. Some things are just felt.