Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fun Do It Yourself Spring Wreath

Want to create a fun and colorful wreath?! This wreath is simple and fun to create and would make a great gift! What mom wouldn't love a handmade present from their child no matter how old?!

You do not need much to create this playful wreath. Just a few rolls of tulle, a 12" wreath, some embellishments and a hot glue gun to fasten those accents.

The basic supplies-tulle & a wreath
Step 1 - Choose the theme for your wreath. This will help you decide the colors you want to go with. I wanted to do something bright that could be used as decoration for the Spring and summer.

Step 2 - Go get the supplies needed! You can find tulle at most craft stores: Michaels, AC Moore, Joann's , etc.

Step 3 - You are going to start tying your tulle around your wreath in your desired color pattern. A few tips: I left the plastic packaging on the wreath so tulle didn't get stuck on the wreath straw and I used approx. 13-14" strips that I tied in regular double knots around the wreath.

Step 4 - Add your embellishments. I shopped for these after the base of the wreath was created which gave me inspiration. I hot glued the flowers I found on the wreath.

I hope you all enjoy creating this simple and fun wreath. I would love to see photos of the wreaths you created to possibly feature in a future post. All photos can be emailed to dancewithadolly {at} gmail {dot} com.