Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's the Bzz?! Bed Head On the Rebound

After doing much research on websites where you can legitimately get free samples I stumbled upon Bzzagent.  I signed up and answered all my available surveys. I answered them all because I wanted a better chance of getting a campaign. There have only been a few new surveys since I initially answered the large lot of them. 

After being a member for about a week I was lucky enough to get the Bed Head Campaign! One I am truly interested in. Within a short period of time I received my full size Bed Head On the Rebound and samples of Elasticate and Recharge shampoos and conditioners. I couldn't believe the great products and samples I was getting for free!

What I received in my BzzKit

So I had to try my new products immediately and I couldn't have been happier with the results. I used the Recharge shampoo and conditioner and then styled my hair with the On the Rebound. I am extremely picky about styling products and was pleasantly surprised with how my hair looked.  My curls were formed enough so they didn't look frizzy and "puffy" but on the other hand they didn't look "crunchy" or wet, a very hard balance to find. 

I have been using On the Rebound ever since and am happy with how my hair looks each and every time so it wasn't a fluke. I definitely plan on buying this as my new "go to" product once I run out of what I was given.  My only suggestion to the company would be the packaging is a little awkward. Now that I am about half through my product I am having difficulty getting it out of the tube. I know there is still a lot of product in  there so I don't know why this is happening. All in all, a fabulous product that I would highly recommend trying. 

My curly hair!

 Being a part of this campaign has been a great experience. I hope to get more campaigns soon.  If you are interested in trying products for free and sharing the info with your friends I highly recommend signing up for BzzAgent.  I will keep you posted with any new campaigns I receive!