Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Who Should Make the American Idol Finale?

Yes, I still watch American Idol even after vowing I will never watch it again after every joke of a decision. I still cannot find it in my heart to give it up. Although, for the past few seasons it's usually just on while I do something else and I'll look up if I hear something really like.

For once, I finally feel the correct people are in the top three and for that reason I was truly looking forward to tonight's episode. Unfortunately, I was utterly bored and the episode truly lacked amazing moments, of which I thought there would be many. The one stand out moment in my opinion was Candace's performance of "Somewhere" from West Side Story. I would say this would solidify her spot in the finale but I have doubts on whether or not the teeny boppers who vote will appreciate that song. I truly hope they do.

I have to say I did truly enjoy watching the girls go home.This is always my favorite part of every season. It was extremely emotional and was teary eyed through each home coming. I completely lost it watching Kree and her sister. I cannot believe how strong she is even with both her parents being deceased.  Her video package was by far the most touching and will probably gain her some votes.

Watching the recap as I am writing this, there is no reason I shouldn't have enjoyed tonight so I am bit bewildered.  I think it comes down to a few strange song choices and the fact that the songs seemed extra short so they didn't go everywhere they should have.  I think the biggest disappointment was all the song choices for Kree. I love her but the correct songs weren't chosen for her. Come on "Perfect" by Pink. Really?! I love that song and I love Kree but that is such a mismatch.

Who should make the finale?! I honestly don't know.  Before tonight I would have thought Angie and Kree with no question in my mind but after tonight Candace should be one of the two.  As far as the other spot I don't know.  It will most likely be Angie's because she has been on fire the past two weeks but there's something that I don't connect with. I personally would love to see Kree in the finale but I think bad song choices cost her that honor.

Whatever the results tomorrow, I cannot complain because again, all three are super talented and I have no doubt in my mind that they will all have long careers in the music industry. What are your thoughts? Who should make the finale?

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