Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Strange Obsession & An Even Stranger Habit (Plus My Journal Swap Reveal)

Love the Here and Now

I have a strange obsession. Those of you who are regulars in these parts may know this already but I have an obsession with stationery especially journals. I have countless journals. I cannot pass up a gorgeous or inspirational cover. I have a real problem. So when I heard about the Journal Swap Creative with Sage and Love The Here And Now I was in. I love receiving mail and I love journals win, win!

I was paired with the lovely Kayla from Keeping Up With K. This Canadian beauty has a fun and eclectic blog that you definitely want to check out. I am so glad we were paired together because not only did I receive the fabulous journal photographed below but I have an amazing new blogging buddy whose life I can stalk regularly through her blog. ;)

Love this!!!
Loved this little note in my journal!
Now I truly love this journal but let's hope I actually use it. This is where I explain to you my really strange habit. I have this obsession with collecting journals but I NEVER write in them. I have so many journal ideas. But I hate to "dirty" my nice new journals. I am afraid I'll start writing about one thing and then want to change the direction of the journal and then it will be all out of wack, etc., etc. I know I apparently have issues. OCD or something. 

Does anyone else have a ton of beautiful unused journals or am I the only weirdo? xoxo


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL journal. I love the saying on the front.

  2. So glad you loved it! Picking out journals for someone else is HARD!

    I'm the same way with buying journals - I have so many, the covers just speak to me and then I HAVE to have them!

  3. Loving the journal. There really is nothing in life like a crisp new beautiful journal.

  4. My favorite aisle in Target? The journal/office supply. I get your obsession. Completely. I will write in my journals but I have os many (read:obsession) that many are still blank. Love the journal she sent you!

  5. Such a pretty journal!! Haha I have a few that I've not written a word in either - I keep them on my bookshelf, looking pretty, instead.