Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Simplest Makeup For the Busiest of Moms

Believe me, I know it is next to impossible to get some makeup on for work when you are trying to get a toddler ready and fly out the door to get to work on time but let me give you a makeup regime that you can complete in under five minutes. Please keep in mind this is not for someone who likes to wear a lot of makeup, typically me, this is for someone who wants just a little something to give their face a little glow.

Here we go:
1-Put on your moisturizer
2-Put on your primer
3-Put on your foundation
4-Put on some mascara
5-Put on some lip gloss

Now, some of you who don't wear makeup at all may be going "Woah!" but really it is quick. Bing Bang Boom. Once you have your products picked out, you know exactly what you are picking up each morning.
I will be writing some posts on picking the best products for you in the upcoming weeks and I will also be writing "Simple Intermediate Makeup For the Busiest of Moms," this will include some more eye makeup and face contouring. Hope you check those out as well.

Me wearing only products listed above


  1. You left out eye liner. I can forgo mascara, but I look weird and sleepy without some eyeliner even if its just in the corners. Have to get the eyes opened!

    1. I agree but like I said I always wear much more makeup than that and eyeliner is a definite must for me. But this is for people who never wear anything and in my experience when I tell those women about eyeliner they sometimes get freaked. This is the absolute most basic for those who wouldn't wear anything not necessarily how I would go out.