Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Newborn Photos: What should your baby wear...

As a photographer who often photographs babies I am often asked what should my baby wear? The simple answer is keep it simple and less is more especially for newborn sessions. Often times people have these elaborate and adorable outfits picked out but they are usually a little big and can look quite awkward in the photos. Another issue with these outfits is that the positions the baby needs to be in to "show off" the complete outfit aren't necessarily the best poses for a baby this young. So what do I suggest?! A snug fitting solid onsie and some adorable hats for the little boys and some cute headbands for the little ladies. Even better is taking naked photos or just leaving your angel in their diaper and covering it up with colored cheesecloth. Here are some examples where less is more.
Now that being said can complete outfits photograph well? Yes, of course! But be sure it fits snug. Normally we like to buy baby clothes a little big which makes complete sense but when it comes to your baby's session outfit smaller is better. And once your baby is old enough to sit up on his or her own those outfits you have envisioned will photograph beautifully. That's why I love doing 6 month photos. Your baby can sit up and show so much more expression. Plus, they aren't old enough to run away! Haha. So book some 6 month photos today! You can visit my photography website here and don't forget to become a fan of my Facebook Page.