Monday, October 28, 2013

Boom Boom Pow!

I've got that boom boom pow!! Haha. Yesterday we had a family Halloween party and some of the costumes were great. I know I love looking through people's Halloween photos and seeing awesome costumes so I'd thought I'd share some photos from yesterday. That's me above and I created my own superhero identity. Overall, I was happy with how my costume came out but since I used purple as my main color a lot of people thought I was supposed to be Hit Girl from Kick Ass. But whatever, that's ok, because she is almost as awesome as me! Heehee.

Liv as Spider Girl!

The hubby as the Punisher

My sis in law, the Ompa Loompa

Me with my sis who designed her Poison Ivy costume!

What about you?! What are you being for Halloween??!

 photo dancinsig.png