Tuesday, October 1, 2013

An Electric Weekend

Happy Tuesday!! I know I am a little late with my weekend recap but better late than never. On Saturday night we did the NYC Electric Run. Basically, it is a 5K run at night with cool "lands" designed with funky lights. It was fun but not without some stress beforehand. The normally 45 minute drive to the arena in Brooklyn took over 2 hours and we hadn't picked up our race packs ahead of time so we had to do that once we got to the venue. And the lines were insane! I am always early to things so this was giving me a lot of anxiety. Once we finally started the run I was able to calm down a bit and enjoy the view. Here are some photos.


So the run was fun and all but I think it definitely could have been cooler. Maybe I was just irritable from being so late but there were big stretches of darkness between the set up lights. I also couldn't help but think this was the perfect set up for a sociopath. They could have easily hid in the brush and grabbed people as they went by in the dark. There also seemed to be a lack of security for this type of event hence a sociopath's dream. Okay, maybe a watch a bit too much CSI, Law and Order and Criminal Minds but one can never be too safe. I would do this again next year but leave much earlier and just tailgate beforehand.

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A sneak peek from post...

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Well have a glorious day!! Catch you on the flip side!

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