Tuesday, October 28, 2014

And Then This Happened...

So I've had an extremely stressful few weeks, drowning in tutu orders while trying to entertain Liv, just biting off more than I can chew, as usual. But I am down to my last two Halloween orders and it feels fabulous to be almost caught up. Although it's time to get my shops in holiday mode. Ahhh!! Never ending but busy is good, right?!

My lack of sleep and stress levels have certainly had me at my wits end but the extreme kindness of some radio celebrities certainly renewed my energy and drive. I had sent the ladies of the Z100 morning show some of my pink crystal boho wraps to match their "Hello Lady" shirts for breast cancer and they were kind enough to give me some Insta shout outs. Ahhhh!! Check 'em out! Am I dreaming?!

Anyways if you are interested the gorgeous pink crystal boho wrap featured, I am donating 25% of the money made from that design towards breast cancer research. You can order it here. xoxo


  1. Very cool shout out!!! Glad to hear that business is good (even if stressful). I guess it can go hand in hand.