Thursday, October 2, 2014

Death To The Skinny Jean & A Giveaway!

Today I want to express my excitement that the days of the skinny jean seem to be numbered. I was late on adopting the skinny jean trend and only bought my first pair of skinny jeans a little over  a year ago, mainly because that's all there was.

Why did I hate them so much? Basically I thought they were quite unflattering to us bottom heavy girls and felt they were uncomfortable. I have big muscular calves and they were always tight on my calves. Even when I weighed only 120 lbs I had large calves and skinny jeans definitely do not accommodate for them.

I have longed for the days of the flare jeans for quite some time now and am thrilled with the fact that they will be big this fall and winter and probably for at least a few years. These were always my favorite style of jean. Flattering and comfortable. Hallelujah!! So I ask you are you team skinny or team flare??

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  1. I saw somewhere -- maybe on Oprah or something -- a "denim expert" who said that each body type is only really suited for one jean style. Maybe two. She advised that someone figure out which style actually WORKS for their body type... skinny, bootcut, straight leg, flare, etc. and then only stock their closets with those. She said you could still stay "up to date"on trends since washes and detailing, like holes or whatnot, can be found in each style. I took her advice to heart and tried on a LOT of jeans out one day. Even though I have larger hips, I think I look best in skinnies. (Boot cut looks SO dumb on me!) So, ever since, that's how I stock my closet. I have been drooling over the oversized boyfriend jean trend, but I don't think it will work for me, so I may pass.

    I say, if flare works for you, go ROCK that flare regardless of whether it's in style or not. What is always in style is feeling fabulous! :)


  2. I never bought a pair of skinny jeans. I think jeans are so uncomfortable to begin with and I don't think I would be able to move in them.

  3. Team skinny and I was a little late to the game also but not as late as you!! Now that I have tall boots they just make sense since you can't stuff boot cuts into boots. Now that I've see skinny all the time and am wearing them flares have started to look funny even though when I first started seeing skinny jeans they looked funny and now I'm wearing them. I got my first pair of straight legs and I'm really liking them. I can wear them with tall boots and they don't strangle your ankles.

  4. definitely a skinny jean girl here. sometimes bootcut. i'm really short, and my legs are short, so flares make me look like i'm drowning in my clothes. but it is nice to see more styles of jeans coming back into fashion because i know so many people who hate skinnies and variety is always a good thing!

  5. DEFINITELY Team Flare here. Skinny jeans are too tight on my calves too. I need a little bit of room.