Monday, March 9, 2015

Who Says Adults Can't Finger Paint?

My finger tip Sunflower painting
Yesterday my daughter saw me scrolling through Pinterest and was like "Mama can we look for a project to do?" I said sure and asked what she had in mind. She said look for "paint projects." We saw several cute ideas that incorporated her hand print into a painting. She ultimately decided she wanted to make a lion out of her hand print.

We got everything together and I decided I wanted to paint as well. After seeing Liv cover her hands in paint I felt like getting a little messy too. I decided I was going to paint a sunflower using only the tip of my right pointer finger.

I looked at a few photographs for a reference and went to town. I swear I was getting way more into this painting project than Liv was. I have to say that considering we only painted for about an hour and I used only my finger tip I was quite impressed with the way my painting above came out. Sunflowers were my mom's favorite so this makes me smile. It's the little things.

I definitely want to try this technique on a few different ideas. I have a feeling it will be me suggesting finger painting to Liv next time. I am such a child. But I guess I am not the only one because look at the "Mickey Loaf" Joey surprised us with for dinner last night. Haha! xoxo


  1. That painting is so pretty!

  2. What a fun idea! I love the way your picture turned out, but more than that, I think it's so great that the two of you got to do something like this together. What a great memory to keep.

  3. Soooo fun! I haven't painted in forever... I definitely want to now though! ;)

  4. I love this flower picture it is a little bit like pointillism!

    1. I found you from My So-Called Chaos!

  5. I like your painting, it's really neat!