Friday, March 1, 2013

Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Cast - Who Are These People?

So when I found out the cast of season 16 of Dancing With the Stars I was rather disappointed. I either felt they they were boring or didn't know who the heck they were. So let me enlighten you.

Wynonna Judd - I know she's a country music star but not feeling too thrilled over this pick. I have a feeling she will be predictable and an early elimination but I could certainly be wrong.

D.L. Hughley - Who??? Supposedly he's a comedian. Oh wait, he looks familiar. See photo below:
D.L. Hughley

Jacoby Jones - Not into Football so I had no idea he was on the Baltimore Ravens. He'll do well, the athletes usually do.

Lisa Vanderpump  - I've heard of the show Vanderpump Rules but have no idea what it's about. It sounds like a reality show about a hillbilly gas station.  Upon further investigation I learned she was on the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That already turns me off because you know she'll most likely be the most obnoxious contestant.

Andy Dick - I knew who he was but unfortunately not a fan but I know many people love this comedian/actor.

Victor Ortiz - ......Crickets...... No idea. Okay, he is an award winning professional boxer.

Zendaya - Say whaaat?! Who or what is this? She , yes it's a she, is a Disney star. She might actually be one of my faves, the Disney stars usually are.
Hopefully she is as fun as she looks

Aly Raisman - Captain of the Gold Medal winning 2012 US Gymnastics team. Hopefully she can be as amazing as Shawn Johnson, my all time fave.

Ingo Rademacher - I will inform you because I had no idea, he is best known for General Hospital. He is this season's soap star. Feeling indifferent.

Kellie Pickler - Now THIS had me excited! I loved her on American Idol and I am sure I will love her on DWTS. This country star is sweet and silly and sure to be one of America's faves. And who can forget this endearing quote: "I've been a little embarrassed on the show because, you know, I didn't know what calamari was, and a lotta people make fun me."
Winner right here!!

Dorothy Hamill - I love this figure skating legend but I fear she will be boring. Yawn...

Well, there you have it! What do you think of this season's cast and will you be tuning in? Season 16 airs Monday March 18th on ABC.