Friday, September 27, 2013

Communicating With the Other Side

I realize this is a very controversial subject to some but I saw a medium on Wednesday evening. I know some of you may not believe in this and I completely respect that and I ask that you respect the fact that I do believe in it. Do not get me wrong I know there are countless hacks out there but I believe there are a few who can truly communicate with the other side.

I have been to a few psychics in the past but never a medium. Unfortunately, I have several people on the other side that I wanted to communicate with, my nanny, my papa and my best friend, not to mention several of my husband's relatives. And they were there!! I knew this because the medium called them all out without asking me anything first. 

I honestly, do not want to get into all the extremely personal details of my reading but here's a few things I would love to share. Apparently Joe and I will be having three children and the next one is going to be a boy. And we are going to be pregnant pretty soon. We shall see!! And supposedly we will eventually have a home in Pennsylvania, not anytime soon but one day. 

They emphasized the fact that Olivia is brilliant, not just smart but brilliant and will have a future in the medical field. Possibly a doctor or veterinarian. She is so advanced they expressed that she might have a problem in school because she is so bored. I hope she can thrive in school and love the fact that she may be a future doctor!

I have a few words of advice if planning on visiting a medium. Do your research or go off recommendations. I found this woman through people I knew and they told me how accurate she was. Don't have any expectations. Although, everyone I wanted to communicate with was present, they were not all extremely vocal. My nanny was the dominating presence. I had hoped to hear more from my best friend but as the medium explained sometimes not everyone communicates but at least I knew she was there. Lastly, be prepared to hear some things you may not want to hear. Within the first 30 seconds of my reading I got extremely heart wrenching news. It was difficult to hear and I still have a knot in my stomach. I knew what I was getting into though and would still go back.

I would love to hear your psychic/medium stories. Please comment below.

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