Monday, September 29, 2014

What The Bleep?! My DWTS Thoughts

I usually don't rant about TV shows on my blog but it is my blog and I feel I need to get some things off my chest after watching tonight's episode of Dancing With The Stars. I am absolutely enraged. If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that already but here's why....

I understand that the show is back down to one night a week and eliminations will now happen the same night as performances BUT why was someone eliminated tonight?? Last week there was performances on Monday and there was an elimination on Tuesday. So why tonight were we eliminating again for last week's performances?? There should have been no elimination tonight and next week there should have been an elimination for this week's performances. Makes sense right?! To add insult to injury one of my favorite contestants this season, Randy Couture was the one to go. He might not have been the best dancer but he was surprisingly a great entertainer and moved well. Not to mention he was really likable. I am hoping they bring him back next week after the backlash over two eliminations on two different nights for the same performance episode. Fingers crossed!

My other beef with the show this season is unfair judging. Everyone seems to be judged on a different scale this year. While Betsey Johnson is amazing for her age she didn't dance better than Alfonso Ribeiro and she got better scores. They are really tough on certain contestants this season and so much easier on others and it's getting downright frustrating.  It just isn't fair.

I am dying to know what you think. Did you think another elimination based off last week's performances was fair? And what do you think of the judging this season?


  1. I stopped watching the show years ago because of the inconsistency with the judging. Then at times they would give 10s when a performance wasn't a 10.

  2. I was so confused as to why they did that too. And I agree, the judging is pretty ridiculous and really inconsistent. I also don't understand what the point is in telling the contestants they're up for elimination RIGHT before they perform. On that note, I got tickets to be in the audience for next weeks taping and I'm glad all my favorites are still there!

  3. Yes it was very weird and I liked Randy, he was pleasant on the eyes to watch and the guest judge just gave 10's when they were definitely not 10 material though Singing in the Rain was wonderful.

  4. I actually hadn't even realized that till now, and you're right...very unfair! I liked Randy as well and I think he should have stayed! I honestly wouldn't mind seeing Betsey go...or Tommy Chong...just my thoughts. I am glad they are back to only one night though. 3 hours for one show each week is a lot of time!

  5. There were at least three that deserved to go before Randy! And I didn't like the double elimination either. AND I don't like Julianne as a judge!
    My gripe to add is about Sadie. Can we interview her and NOT mention her costume or her dad? We get it. She's conservative. Move along. It's about her not her dad.