Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Creative Alternative To Wrapping

Does anyone else suck at wrapping presents? I am the worst. They never look nice and neat. I really don't know where I go wrong. When my sister came over with these birthday gifts for my daughter over the weekend I thought it was genius!

Simple white boxes, colored construction paper, a Sharpie and some glue is all that is needed to create these unique and fun boxes. My daughter and all our guests loved them. My sister definitely inspired me to try something like this instead of ruining gifts with sloppy wrapping.

Well I hope these photos inspired you with the possibilities of creating some characters out of gift boxes. Happy gifting!! xoxo


  1. What a great idea! Definitely borrowing this idea someday!

  2. I used to get so into wrapping in general but I have found that a lot of my creativity has fallen by the wayside the older I got. What little I had anyways! These are so cute!! Who needs wrapping paper? : )

  3. These are adorable. I just bought plain brown paper and planned to accessorize with different colored ribbon depending on the occasion/recipient, but I love this idea!