Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Oh Sh*ts!" Of Blogging

I like to pretend I have my act together, I think we all like to try and put up that facade especially when it comes to blogging but in reality I think the majority of you are unorganized messes just like myself. Let's face it blogging isn't the only thing we do. We either have families, jobs or something else pulling us in a million directions that blogging sometimes needs to be put on the back burner. Because of that little fact I find myself saying "Oh Sh*t!!!" quite often due to the blogging world. Examples:

When you are being featured on a cool blog and you totally forget to have an awesome post scheduled for that day for all the potential new readers. This is me today. I have a lovely little feature over at Sage and completely didn't have a good post up this morning. Hopefully Cassie's readers are forgiving and will still give me a try. Total blogger fail.

When you forget your camera for a major event or visit to an amazing place. As bloggers I think we always look at everything we do as a possible post so we always have to be ready to document everything. Having to rely on your camera phone for Pinterest worthy photos is typically a bummer.

Missing a deadline. Whether it be for signing up to be a part of a fabulous giveaway with your best blogging buddies or linking up for a creative link up, missing these things is never fun. That is why I try to sign up for giveaways and such as soon as I get the notice because I know if I put it off I will forget.

When you actually have a super post written and you forget to schedule it or publish the day it was intended. Every once in a while I have my posts written a few days ahead of time but then I either forget to schedule it or hit publish the next morning. Bummer especially when the work was put in.

You have no clean place in your home for product or DIY photos. I work from home and have a toddler, not really the best situation for having a tidy home. Time to clear off half of the dining room table and anything that's in the frame of the photo. All around what's in the photo is pure chaos. Again it's all a facade.

You realize you need to start actually getting dressed more than once a week. All the other bloggers you follow seem to have fabulous photos of themselves in the cutest outfits in every single darn post or their Instagram is full of the greatest selfies. Meanwhile, I am over here looking for old photos of myself in something other than yoga pants and a t-shirt.

What about you, what are some of your "Oh Shit!" moments of blogging?? xoxo


  1. Spelling someone's name wrong in their feature... haha crap!!! I have had tons of my own oh shit moments as well..

  2. That picture is amazing! I have these moments at least weekly, probably more. Glad I'm not alone!

  3. I am rarely perfectly together or made up. My instagram has been REALLY slow lately!!!

  4. That first one all the time haha. I keep putting off sponsoring a couple people until I have my posts scheduled for that month HA.

  5. Hi, do you have space in your heart for a new blogging BFF? If you do, I think it was meant to be me! (Rosie, from Blog To Taste). I promise I am not a creepy stalker, I just read a little questionnaire that you did at The Grits Blog, and I was laughing out loud. Plus some of your answers could have come straight outta my mouth! Then I clicked over here, and started reading your posts here, and now I am here jabbering on.

    This post is so great, I love when we bloggers can kind of lift the veil of "perfection" and show the real life versions. But it's hard, because while I want to be friends with real life people, I still want to live inside the pages of a magazine (IE perfection strikes again). Now for my real life truths, we have 3 people at our blog, and still can't seem to work ahead. The worst is when you have something actually ready to go, and you forget to push publish instead of save. It literally happened to me today. :)

  6. I feel your pain. This happens to me often