Friday, February 27, 2015

Seizing An Opportunity

I went on twitter last night and became totally and utterly confused by all this "dress" drama.  I quickly got myself in the loop but still couldn't comprehend what all the hype was. It was a blue and black dress end of story that was until I had friends equally as passionate about it being white and gold. Say whaaaat?!! I still don't know what the deal is with that although I am hearing it was indeed a blue and black dress. I am like I know I have perfect vision as does my hubby and that's what we saw but I'm sorry the point of the post wasn't to further this debate.

My real point here is how to take something as ridiculous as the color of a dress going viral and using it to your advantage. Most of you know I already that I design jewelry, I woke up with the idea of making blue and black bracelets and white and gold bracelets. I posted on social media saying support your team or which team are you and used hashtags such as #thedress #blueandblack and #whiteandgold. Because of this sensation and the utilization of these hashtags I am getting more traffic.

Do I really expect to sell blue and black and white and gold "the dress" bracelets? No, not really but that wasn't my purpose. My purpose was to get more traffic to my website and social media pages and I have been successful in doing so and hey if I sell a few of those bracelets it's an added bonus. Because of the heavy traffic flow from this idea (I wish I thought of last night) people are favoriting my Etsy shop, following my Instagram and becoming fans of my Facebook page which in turn will get my "real" designs more exposure and more sales.

Will something like this work for everything that trends on twitter and social media? No of course not but you should always have your brain thinking is this something I can put a twist on and incorporate into getting my business more exposure, Sometimes is the craziest things that do the most good.

In case you want to support your side go here.


  1. I'm still confused about this dress thing hahaha, but way to capitalize on it ;)

  2. go you for getting more traffic! I admit I saw gold and white at first, but it changed throughout the night. strange! lol.

  3. That damned dress has left me questioning everything I thought I knew.

    But seriously, that is an ingenious way to take advantage of the situation! Brilliant!