Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY: Tulle Christmas Tree

This is a fabulous, fun and easy project to do this holiday season. Not to mention, you will have a decoration to use again and again or give it as a fantastic homemade gift.

Supplies needed:
- green tulle (I recommend at least two shades)
-wood dowel and wooden base (cut dowel to desired height for tree)
-hot glue gun
-glitter spray (found fabulous spray at the Dollar Tree)
-bows (also got these at Dollar Tree)

I choose three shades of tulle and this photo was taken before I decided to add glitter spray & bows

1 - Have someone handy drill a hole in for the dowel. Had to have my hubby do this. Fill hole half way with hot glue and insert dowel. Add more hot glue around base where dowel meets base. (Please note: I tried to glue dowel to base without hole initially and it kept falling over even after glue was dry. So hole is necessary.)

2 - Cut tulle into strips. You need to make several different sizes so your tree tapers to top. I would make about 8-10 strips in each size. I did about 50% of strips in forest green and 25% in kelly green and 25% in lime green. I would make strips about 1" or so in size difference.

3 - Start tying tulle around dowle. Use slip knots. To do this fold tulle strip in half, put folded end around dowle and pull other ends through to make a slip knot.

4 - Keep tying the tulle until you get to the top. Strategically place tulle around the dowle so your tree is even and full all the way around the base.

5- Once the tree is complete it's time to embellish!! I added glitter spray. Make sure you hold spray at a distance and do one light coat so it doesn't weight tulle down. Once dry do a second coat. Then add bows if desired. Tie gently on select tulle strips.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and get to make yourself a tree this season!!!!