Friday, December 6, 2013

Why Alex and Sierra Must Win X-Factor

Okay so my favorite X-Factor contestants right from their very first audition has been Alex and Sierra. Are they the best singers this season? No, probably not but there's a list of reasons to love them and here they are.

1 - Cutest couple ever! They genuinely seem so in love and it's too adorable the way Alex tries to cheer Sierra up when she seems upset or stressed. They way they look at each other can make anyone's heart melt.

2 - Such a cool and unique sound. As I mentioned before they may not be the best vocalists in the competition but they are still pretty darn amazing vocalists and musicians.  I always feel that sometimes the better vocalists are a bit dated in song choice but these two are current and fresh and constantly putting a cool spin on everything.

3 - Sierra is always so nervous, it's endearing. This girl has nothing to be nervous about but she's still shaking every time she goes up on stage. Even with the nerves she manages to deliver every week. It makes her seem human and really relatable.

4 - No gimmicks. Most of, if not all of their performances just consist of them performing. No distracting background dancers or stage spectacles. They can hold their own without all the hullabaloo.

5 - They are sexy as hell. Both of them are gorgeous but not in a "in your face" sort of way. They have they perfect balance of being sweet and adorable but you still feel attracted to them.

6 - You want to be their friends. I would love to be friends with them and I can actually picture them being in my circle of friends. This is part of the reason America loves them, they seem like a normal couple but they are just SUPER talented.

I truly hope they win the X-Factor because there is a place in the market for them. There is nobody like them right now. Although, there is no doubt in my mind that if they go home early, they will still be signed. I just cannot wait to buy their first single and see them in concert!


  1. OMG. I literally just blogged about my favorite contestants and they're my all time favorite contestants. They are so cute.