Monday, June 9, 2014

I Take It Back

This past winter was quite brutal with a lot of snow. We all kept wishing for summer and the beach and now that it's here, I cannot wait for fall. Today was hot as ballz and I am over it already. Okay so maybe it seemed worse than it actually was because I was at a birthday party with Liv and it was in a backyard with almost no shade. Chasing a toddler in 80 degree weather with high humidity for about 3 hours or so is not fun and made me get over the summer real quick. I may feel differently kicking back at the beach with a cold drink but as far as today goes, I am over summer before it has officially began. Why can't it be 70 degrees year round? That would make me one happy camper.

Anyways, I had a mini photo session yesterday with my sis in law for one of my new tutu designs in my shop, Oh So Pretty Designs. Here are a few of my fave photos. Not bad for literally just taking 5 minutes to snap a few quickies.

Anyway, how was your weekend?! And are you a fan of the heat or do you get over it as quickly as me? xoxo


  1. I love it when it gets really warm here but maybe that's because it comes in spurts-and we only have the humidity on rare occasions. When I start to get sick of it then it goes away. It's pretty mild here at either extreme most of the time. If I had to pick hot or cold I usually pick hot though!!