Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cara Maria & CT Please Come Back To Us

I am so heated after tonight's episode of MTV's The Challenge Free Agents that I needed to vent and what better place to do that than here. The episode started on such a high note when Cara Maria was told she could stay if she choose to do so and of course my girl did just that. And what was even better was the fact that CT basically volunteered to be on her team knowing her hand could be a big disadvantage in the challenge. Is it just me or is CT so much mellower this season? He was always one of my faves but this season he totally earned my respect.

Anyways, considering their huge disadvantage CT & Cara managed to come in third. This kept them out off the draw but left them vunerable to be voted in elimnation by Bananas and Nany. Which is exactly what happened. ARGH!!! My two faves could possibly go home and I am pissed and upset.

It was between CT and Zack for the guys and this was just going to suck either way. I had so much respect for CT when Bananas and Nany asked to talk to him and he refused to kiss their ass. And he seemed pissed that they were most likely going to put Cara in as well. They better watch out because CT will most likely win the elimination round and he is going to come gunning for those two as he should. Not so much for putting him in but for putting Cara Maria in.

For the girls it was between Cara Maria and Teresa. In my brain, this was a no brainer. Cara Maria has been in three elimination rounds and just broke her hand. Give the girl a f-in break! She did the previous day's challenge with no complaints and you know she had to be hurting. Bananas and Nany you both just looked pure evil in your decision, especially Nany. You kind of expect that kind of d*ck move from Bananas but Nany initially acts like she feels all bad for Cara and votes Teresa. Then, TJ tells them if they don't decide the two of them will go in the elimination. And it was all in Nany's hands when TJ asks for her new decision first. Hello?!! Bananas doesn't want to go into the elimination so if you said Teresa he would have had no choice but to change his vote. But instead Nany looks like a heartless b*tch and changes her vote to Cara. Seriously girl?! Seriously?!

For those of you who may say they were just playing the game. Okay, I get that but Cara is now at a huge disadvantage so wouldn't you want to go against her in the finals knowing her hand will hold her back even if just slightly?! "Playing the game" would have been keeping her around.

Then to make matters worse MTV makes this a to be continued episode so I need to wait a week to see what happens...GRRRR!!! I truly hope Cara Maria & CT come back with a vengeance and go on to win the whole thing. I know things don't look good for Cara but I have faith in my little engine that could. xoxo


  1. haha. I was watching this too. I do feel bad for Cara Maria, but broken hand or no broken hand she is still the biggest female threat in the game. While it sucks that she has to compete with an injury, she is the one who chose to compete with it and I don't think Nany or Bananas because she doesn't deserve special treatment.

    And while we're on the topic Laurel is awful. I use to love her when she first started the shows because she was confident and strong, but she was quickly morphed herself into every single negative stereotype that comes along with being an "alpha" female. Ladies, you can be strong, confident, AND KIND TOO. You don't need to be a mean girl.


  2. I'm behind on the show. This made me want to catch up ASAP. Cara Maria is one of my favorites. She plays the game right. I don't know why they're after her. I cannot believe she broke her hand though! I need to watch now to see what happened and how.

  3. A thousand times yes! They better come back. I've always loved CT but the way he was last night just sealed the deal :)