Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stalker Fail

On Tuesday morning my cousin, my daughter and I made an attempt to head out east and stalk the Kardashians. We decided to take a road trip to the new DASH pop up shop in Southampton. We walked in to the small shop where three salesgirls greeted us. We looked around at all maybe 20 outfits that were hanging, knowing damn well we wouldn't be able to afford any of them but how would they know that. We wanted to seem like we belonged.

They also had a display of all dash logo items which were still expensive for the types of items they were but a little more manageable for a splurge purchase. We each ended up getting a canvas tote with the DASH logo that will be perfect for the beach. At least it's something that will get a lot of use.

We also ended up chatting with the salesgirls who ended up be very nice and helpful. Surprisingly they didn't make us feel out of place at all. I was so close to asking them questions about the Kardashians but I didn't want to seem like a pathetic fangirl. I was trying to be cool. HA!

It will be cool to watch Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons this fall because the store salesgirls are always on the show and we actually chatted with them a bit. I plan to make another trip out in a few weeks with hopes that Khloe or Kourtney will be there. Plus I want to try and sneak some photos inside the shop and of the outside of the shop. Big blogger fail, I know! But again I didn't want to seem "uncool."

We then headed out to Montauk to visit my sister at work at Gurney's. And GUESS WHAT??!! Kourtney Kardashian was there doing a photoshoot!! The place was on lockdown but we had a nice lunch at the beach bar and were able to see Kourtney and Scott from afar on a deck of the hotel. I couldn't take any photos here because it would have got my sis in trouble, especially since she is a manager at the hotel. I was scared to even look in there direction.

We would have hung around on the beach for a while because we knew they would be eventually shooting on the beach right where we were BUT my daughter was being the devil and causing huge scenes. She was so cranky and would stop throwing tantrums. It was so bad and so embarrassing. I didn't want to meet Kourtney with a screaming, devilish child in tow.

So we left. I was a little bummed but realistically I am sure we wouldn't have  gotten anywhere near her but it would have been nice to try. Next time!! xoxo


  1. Oh bummer!! So close yet so far. How could would it have been if you ended up on the show even if it was just a background shopper person (who can't truly afford to shop there which would have made it that much more awesome!!).

  2. haha. I'm so glad that you got your Khardasian sighting!


  3. Hey, at least you got to see them from afar! hahaha

  4. Love it. I can't wait until you are BFF!

  5. Ahhh! Is there a new Kardashian's show?? Can't wait to see it! How cool is that you got to see Kourtney and Scott? I can imagine your face trying to look at them haha

  6. Hahahaha great story! I'm sure they're used to having sneaky pics taken of them and the Dash girls are used to people just coming in for sightings so I think you would have been just fine!