Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pinterest Success: The Drink Umbrella Wreath

I had come across a pretty awesome drink umbrella wreath on Pinterest compliments of Spoonful and knew I wanted to give this a try one day. Then, I had found out my hubby's cousin was having a luau themed graduation party and this was my perfect excuse to give this a try.

I didn't follow the directions from the original pin but figured it out on my own. I got a styrofoam wreath, drink umbrellas and ended up needing a little bit of glue and a pair of scissors. Overall it was super easy, all I had to do was stick umbrellas into the styrofoam but did learn two important tips along the way. I cut the toothpicks the umbrellas were attached to in half so they didn't stick to far out from the wreath. I also put a little bit of glue on the tips of each toothpick before inserting so the umbrellas don't fly out of wreath in a gust of wind.

Overall, this was quick and easy and will make a great decoration for the party on Saturday! Have you ever made any interesting wreaths of your own?! xoxo


  1. That is so cute! I once made a wreath out of paper cupcake holders for Valentines Day using pretty red and pink cupcake holders. Very easy, too, saw it on Pinterest.

  2. That is SO cute! A craft my artfully challenged ass might actually be able to DO! haha