Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Birthday Wish List

So my birthday was yesterday and I received a little cash and some gift cards. Now it's decision time: what would I like to splurge on?! I have a few thoughts and ideas. See photo below.

Birthday Wish List

1 - A monogram necklace. At first, I wasn't a huge fan of these but after seeing more and more people wear them I am finding myself loving the way they look and wanting one for myself.

2 - Alex & Ani bracelets.  I love these, always have but I feel like I am cheating on myself. I design and make jewelry and some of my designs are similar to a few of the Alex & Ani designs so I feel like I should only be rocking my own brand. Thoughts?! 

3 - A new bag. I am definitely a bag whore. I love handbags and haven't gotten a new one in a while. It may be time. I am thinking a nice new bag for fall.

4 - A backpack. Never thought I'd be saying this but I need a small backpack. Sometimes when I am doing certain things with Olivia (going to the playgroud, walking around the mall, walking around the zoo) my shoulder bag keeps falling down all day and it is quite annoying. A backpack would certainly solve that problem. 

Besides what is shown above, I want an elliptical and more beads to create some new masterpieces! What would be on your birthday wish list?! xoxo