Friday, July 4, 2014

The 4th Was A Sucker

Waaah...waaah... So this 4th was a real dud. First of all, we woke up to rain and it proceeded to rain for the entire day. On top of that Liv had a slight fever and was feeling too well so she slept for a good portion of the afternoon. Once she woke up she was feeling much better and got to really enjoy a lollipop.

The sun finally decided to come out around 6:00 so we decided to take a ride to a local beach/park. The fireworks were already canceled for the evening  but we just took a stroll and snapped a few photos.

Strolling on the boardwalk...

Since Liv refused to take a nice pic with me, here I am all by my lonesome
After our venture out we went home and hoped to sit in the yard and watch all the fireworks being done around the neighborhood but Liv was petrified so we had to go back inside. Bummer! So as you can see I had a completely uneventful 4th. Hopefully the rest of the weekend is better. What did you do today?! xoxo