Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Humpday Confessions: I Can't Even Shower

Vodka and Soda

So the hubby has been away for work for about ten days now and won't be home for at least another four days. What has this shown me? Single moms and military spouses are like superwoman!! This has been hard on me because I work from home and I rely on my hubby being home in the evening to watch Liv so I can get my work done. Well, forget getting my work done, I can't even get a shower in. I swear there was one time this week, I went like 3 days. Trust me, this wasn't intentional. How does this happen? I'll tell you exactly how this happens...

Day 1:
-Manage to wake up a few minutes before Liv. I could shower here but I straightened my hair the day before and I want to get one more day out of it. I figure I'll shower at night after Liv goes to bed.
-11pm Liv is still awake. I am exhausted. I end up falling asleep on the couch before her.
-12:30 Wake up in a panic. Move Liv (who is now sleeping) to her crib. Now I could get in the shower but F%ck it, I'm exhausted! I'll set my alarm for early in the AM.

Day 2:
-5:30am Liv wakes up!!
-6:00am My alarm goes off to get it in shower before Liv wakes up. FAIL!
-All day I sporadically ask Liv to hang out in bathroom with me for a few minutes do I can shower. She refuses. Guess I'll need to wait until night time.
-11pm We are both still watching TV on the couch.
-Midnight We are both still watching TV on the couch.
-1am She finally falls asleep but I am spent. This isn't happening tonight. Set my alarm for the AM.

Day 3:
-5:00am Liv gets up. F%CK!!!!!!!!!!
-5:30am My alarm goes off so I can get in the shower before Liv wakes up.
-Finally mid afternoon I beg someone to watch her so I can finally shower. About time!!!

That my friends is how a mommy can go days without showering. So my confession is yes, that was my life a few days ago and yes it was three days. I swear I am not normally that gross! xoxo


  1. You. Go. Girl.
    Moms are seriously theee most amazing of people!

  2. There's no shame in no showering! It happens to the best of us.

  3. Your not gross! Your a rockstar...because your a mommy and because you didn't shower! Lol!

  4. eep! that's tough. and you're not gross. it's why i'm such a stickler for my kid's bedtime. i found that when kayla goes to bed late, she wakes up earlier so i put her to bed early and she sleeps longer.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Dang girl, you are a busy woman! I'm glad somebody finally helped you out in the shower department!

  6. The late nights kill me and I don't even have a kid so I think you're amazing; even with three days between showering! I mean, I've done it just out of pure laziness and lack of seeing others.

  7. Even with John being home I have troubles getting time to myself so I can shower, ha ha! Late nights aren't fun. Isn't it weird how the later a kid goes to bed, the earlier they wake up?

  8. I've recently acquired a new respect for moms - good for you :)

  9. i feel bad for laughing at this, but i kind of did. just a little. i think moms are superwomen, seriously, i can barely parent my dog some days!

  10. Oh man... sometimes I can't wait to be a mom and other times (like now) I'm okay with my regular showers.

  11. lmao! I can always count in you for a good laugh! Love your blog!