Monday, July 7, 2014


After a lackluster fourth of July that you can read about here I was grateful for a good Saturday and Sunday. My holiday weekend was redeemed! Thank goodness!

On Saturday I went with my hubby, Liv, my sis, her boyfriend and my nephew to the Bronx Zoo. We had a fabulous time and the kids had a blast! Not gonna lie, it was a bit of an expensive day but it was so worth it.

The kiddies forming a plan of action
On the Dinosaur Safari

My sis and I
Aren't they adorable?!
Sunday we went to a BBQ at my mom's for my dad's birthday. Always a good time and good eats. Then we came home to a BBQ at our house. And an added bonus was that we received a Redd's Apple Ale party! So we had free Redd's and other goodies like sunglasses, keychains, koozies and beach balls. Everyone had a blast and enjoyed their Redd's!

A bunch of us sporting our Redd's glasses! 
So what did you do this holiday weekend? Anything exciting?! xoxo

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