Monday, July 29, 2013

Just Wanted to Say Hi!

Hello there! I feel like I have been neglecting all my followers. Although I have been posting, I feel like it has primarily been giveaways and reviews. Time to let you know why I have been semi-absent. We had been in the process of moving which had been a daunting task especially since my hubby works a lot and I am working from home and chasing a toddler so it was quite difficult to pack.  Everything I packed up, Olivia tore out of the box and this cycle went on and on. As you can imagine, every free moment was devoted to packing up.  But we are now in our new home, still have some organizing to do but it isn't as pressing as a matter as getting out of our apartment was.

I have to admit I was and still am a little sad to leave our apartment of 8-1/2 years.  We had many good times there including: countless poker games, our annual New Year's Eve bashes, getting engaged and it was Olivia's first home.  When I walked out of the apartment for the last time I was quite emotional and sobbed as I drove to my new home. I know it was time to move on but I was still choked up and am getting a little teary eyed as I type this.  Here are a few photos of some of the good times in apartment 3-14.

Happy in our home
One of our annual New Year's Eve parties
Olivia's 1st Christmas
So yesterday was my birthday and in a previous post many weeks ago I had mentioned I wanted a makeover for my birthday. Part of that makeover was weight loss that I wanted to accomplish and unfortunately that did not happen but I lost a few pounds and did sign up for a gym last week so I am making positive strides towards accomplishing that goal.  I did buy some new clothing that fits me now and looks trendy and I did it, I am a blonde!!! Ahhhh!!! It was drastic but I love it and needed a change.

I was in the salon all day but as you can see from the photo below after she brushed out my curls my hair was several different colors and needed some major fixing. I highly recommend Hair Artistry By Nicole if you happen to be from Long Island area.

In love with my new hair!

In love with my new striped shirt and anchor necklace

While you are on my blog be sure to enter my birthday giveaway for a $50 giftcard to Etsy!!! And also check out my review of my new dream flats from LUV footwear.


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