Saturday, July 6, 2013

Redd's White & Blue-BQ House Party

Have you heard of House Party? If not, you definitely want to head on over to their website and sign up. Basically, you sign up to host different themed parties from a variety of major brands such as Keurig, Monopoly and Pampers.  If chosen, you receive a box full of FREE goodies to share with your guests.  In return you just need to answer a few surveys, post photos of your party and promote on social media. Just be warned, you will not be chosen for every party you want. Sometimes there are only 200 spots and thousands upon thousands apply and the brand chooses by the survey you fill out when applying. I see many complaining on social media when not chosen but hey it's free to sign up so you didn't lose anything. There were many I wanted and never got but I was luck enough to be chosen for the Redd's White & Blue-BQ Party.

I was thrilled with my party pack. I received a $25 gift card to buy the Redd's Apple Ale, bottle opener keychains, awesome koozies and a pair of sunglasses. My guests loved their favors  but more importantly we all loved the Redd's Apple Ale, so much so that we needed to go out and get more once our 4th of July party was in full swing. I never had apple ale before but I am now a fan and my guests that had some sort of apple ale in the past said that Redd's was by far superior.

We had a fabulous 4th full of Redd's, good company, Kan Jam and fireworks. It doesn't get much better than that.  I truly hope to be able to host another House Party soon because this was so much fun. They are currently accepting applications for a Monopoly Party so make sure you head over to House Party and apply today! Hopefully we all get chosen! Fingers crossed!

Some of my guests having fun!

 photo dancinsig.png


  1. What a fun idea to help promote products & have a good excuse to invite friends over.

  2. this looks like a great way to promote products and have fun too.

  3. Apple ale sounds good. Going to have to find some!