Friday, February 21, 2014

Have A Funtastic Weekend...You're Welcome!

 I live in a house with ten people, yes, ten. It's a big house, what can I say?! So every night has the potential to be a party and tonight was one of those nights.

I keep hearing about this game called Cards Against Humanity and about how fun and raunchy it is so we are a dirty group so we decided to go out and buy it to play tonight. We had no idea it wasn't readily available in stores but we did find out you could download the PDF for FREE!!! Yes, you read that right, it's FREE!!

I had some card stock paper and we printed the cards ourselves. Warning, my hands still hurt from cutting up all the cards but it was totally worth it. Basically, it is a raunchy, funny, inappropriate version of Apples to Apples (another one of my fave games).

In a nutshell, players have ten cards in hand that say various off the wall things such as: masturbation and incest and some not so inappropriate things as Michelle Obama's arms and Bill Nye The Science Guy. Then each player takes a turn flipping one of the question or fill in the blank cards. Then everyone else chooses one card from their hand that fits. You can see an inappropriate set photographed above. Question: "Why am I sticky?' Cards chosen from people's hands: "masturbation," "pulling out," and "licking things to claim them as your own." The person who flips the question picks the card that fits best in their eyes and that person gets points.

It's hilarious and even better when drinking. Plus, you can get it for free here. And you can download rules here. If you have a sick sense of humor like me, you NEED to download this game for this weekend. You won't be sorry! Have a good weekend!! xoxo


  1. 10 people in your house!! That's a full house. I've played this game!!! It is super raunchy and funny too. Who knew you could get in on PDF?

  2. this game is so wrong and so hilarious. played it for the first time a few weeks ago. we didn't even keep score - it was just fun reading the answers!
    -- jackie - jade and oak