Monday, February 24, 2014

My Strange Obsessions

So I can be a bit of an oddball, I know that. It doesn't bother me, I own it. It took me many years to embrace my inner weirdness but now I love doing so.  I have a few weird obsessions I would like to share with you and I am hoping maybe some of you share one or two of these with me. If so, let me know so I feel a little better about it. Haha.

1 - Stationery - I have a thing for all things stationery. Pens, decorative paper and cards, journals, notebooks, etc. When I see a journal with an awesome cover I HAVE to have it, it doesn't matter if I already have ten empty ones at home.

2 - Books With "Smoothy" Pages - This obsession started when I was very young. I loved books where the pages were smooth, not rough. I would say these books had "smoothy" pages. The texture of a books pages was a big deal to me. I remember getting out Scholastic book orders in elementary school and the first thing I did was feel the pages. Damn, I had issues!!

3 - Buying things in bulk - This could be an issue that could bring me to hoarder status. If I find a shirt I love, I need it in every color. Or say it's only available in two colors I need like two in each color. I always over buy. I have this need to have extra. I don't like using things unless I have more that will remain new and unused. Hmmm...I am kinda sounding like I have problems....

What about you?! Do you have any weird obsessions?! xoxo


  1. I share your obsession for stationary, pens journals, etc.. I even love legal pads, spiral notebooks, and composition notebooks.. :)

  2. The first thing I do when I open a book is smell it THEN touch the pages:) So you aren't that weird;) hehe


  3. Oh my gosh I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say smooth pages!!!!!
    I have an obsession with Coke Zero and beauty products! haha