Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review: Born Pretty

Obsessed with accessories at super inexpensive prices?!  I know I am. That's why I was thrilled when I was asked by Born Pretty to review a few items in their shop. What did I choose?! A chunky cream hat and a bronze colored spike necklace.

As soon as I received the items I was in love. This winter has been extremely cold so I have been wearing the hat since I received it and the necklace makes a great statement piece. Check out the photos below.

Isn't the hat pure perfection?! I love the dark brown braided accent strip, it definitely takes it to the next level. It is super comfy and as I stated before I have been wearing it non stop since I received it. The best part is you can purchase for under $10.

I love the sweater I am wearing, it's always been one of my faves but this bronze spiked necklace gave it a completely different look. This necklace can be paired with many different shirts. I can wear it with a plain "v-neck" tee and this necklace gives it an edgy look.  Price?! $3.54!! Can you believe it?!

Well, all I can say is head on over to Born Pretty and get some fabulous items for amazing prices. Happy shopping!! xoxo