Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I Long For...

This has certainly been the most brutal winter in a long time. We were teased (at least on Long Island) with two gorgeous days this past weekend. Okay, it was probably only in the 40's and sunny but compared to what it's been, it felt like Spring. And my Facebook news feed was filled with photos of everyone going to the beach. A bit crazy but we were desperate to feel like Spring was just over the horizon but we were wrong. This week has been frigid and we had snow flurries again today. So all I can do is think warm thoughts.

What I long for......

- Going to the beach, sticking my toes in the hot sand and then running through the cool water.

- Being able to take my daughter to the park and not have to leave because we are too cold.

- Long evening walks at the beach.

- Barbecues!! Just want to sit outside with my burger and strawberry daiquiri.

- Being able to simply take my daughter on long walks through the neighborhood for exercise.

- Playing Kan Jam until it is too dark to play.

-Walking through the Bronx Zoo

- Day tripping to Montauk.

- Light until 8:30 or so.

The list goes on and on but you get the idea. We all just need to hang in there and hopefully the warm weather is just around the corner! Here's to hoping!! xoxo


  1. This is the one time I'm glad that time seems to be flying...!

  2. From what I'm hearing everyone is over it!! I don't even know how you manage all that cold. I think I'd get depressed!!

  3. agreed! So over it! :) I love your list! I wish I was by the beach...that sounds amazing right now!