Monday, February 17, 2014

My Weekend in Selfies

Hi everyone! Happy Monday!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was a bit hectic but super fun! Instead on getting all wordy on you I will share some of my selfies (and non-selfies) from the weekend.

Here I am on Vday..Feeling festive sporting one of my new pendant designs!
Went on a date with my girl to Friendly's and she was obviously acting super silly
Then I got an arrow necklace from my hubby in the mail. He was at work and said I could open it.
We had heart shaped pizza for dinner!
My daughter was actually agreeable to taking some selfies Vday night and was being super silly
Love this one!
She was done acting crazy but I wasn't..
Saturday the hubby and I had our Valentine's Day. We went out to dinner and hit up a casino. My hubby isn't big into selfies so I have no photos from Saturday... :(

Sunday I had to take a pic admiring the fact my hair is growing and is getting long again. Woohoo!!
Olivia went to Build A Bear for the first time and stuffed her own polar bear...
The hubby took a selfie with me and we got photobombed!! Ahh!
Having fun at Chilis at a big family dinner.
Well, my weekend was a blast! Hope yours was too!! xoxo

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