Monday, August 4, 2014

10 Types Of Karaoke Singers

The Show off - This person is good and they know it. They are the type if singer that discourages the lesser singers from performing and having a good time. How can anyone compare to that? Thought this was just supposed to be a fun night out, not a competition.

The Drunk - Are they singing? Are they screaming? What are they saying? Who cares they are drunk and entertaining. Time for another round of shots!

The Not Drunk Enough - They are nervous. They look uncomfortable, so much so they are making you feel uncomfortable. Go have some drinks and relax before hitting the mic again. Thanks!

The Buzz Kill - Everyone is having a great time in their drunken glory and a ballad comes on, a loooong ballad. We can all deal with hearing some of the epic ballads but these definitely aren't those. To make matters worse it is usually someone without the greatest voice singing the buzz kill song. Note to karaoke singers: if you are going to sing a long ballad at a bar you better have an AMAZING voice so we are all  too much in awe to care what the song is.

The Group - This is usually a group of girls, none of which want to sing alone. They all say "I'll sing if you sing with me." It is usually a giddy performance of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" or something of the sort.

The Surprise - This person either looks very unassuming and has a phenomenal, powerful voice or they look confident and ready to rock and they cannot hold a tune. Either way you are slightly surprised. They can be a woman that sounds like a man or man that sounds like a woman. I think the element of surprise is a must for a fun night of karaoke.

The Tone Deaf - Every karaoke night unfortunately consists of some of these. Those who could not hold a tune if their life depended on it. They start start singing and your friends all stop chatting for a moment to cringe. Guess we have to give them credit for being comfortable in their own skin.

The In Denial - We have all encountered some of these. They think they are the best thing since sliced bread and where they may not be completely tone deaf, they aren't as good as they think they are. But damn they walk around like they own the place and like this is just a temporary venue to perform until they get a big record deal. Keep on dreaming sweetie!

The Freak - This person is a little strange. I once witnessed a woman sing "I Touch Myself" and let's just say she got really into it and the lyrics. An image I had hoped to have forgotten by now.

The Good Time - They may not be the greatest singer but it doesn't matter. They sing fun, crowd pleasing songs and have a great energy. The really know how to keep the party going.

So I ask you, what type of karaoke singer are you? And did I forget any of the karaoke stereotypes? xoxo


  1. The visuals of I Touch must be scarred.

  2. haha YES this is so spot on. i think I'm probably the good time (or at least I hope I am!)

  3. I LOVE karaoke so much!! What did you sing? When we did Karaoke in Cancun there were the show offs and many many groups. I was actually one of the few who sang alone (and I can't sing!).

  4. Haha this is absolutely correct. And your memories of I Touch Myself sound awful :(

  5. Guilty of being "the tone deaf"!! Lol